The Municipality of Kincardine welcomes development in our community. Please contact the Building and Planning department with any development proposals, we look forward to working cooperatively towards successful development in our municipality.


 Planning and Development Fees

 As per 2019 Consolidated Rates and Fees By-law 2018-123 Schedule C. Planning Charges


 Site Plan Application Fees and/or Condo Exemption
Site Plan Application Fee $155

Development requiring review of professional consultants

Deposit collect, balance to be refunded

        Minor Application $2,000

        Intermediate Application $5,000

        Major Application $10,000

Actual Cost
Administration Fee (Minimum fee is the greater of 10% of Actual Costs or) $300
Updates requiring Council approval $112
Minor Amendment $112
 Development Application Fees and/or Plan of Condominium
Development Application Fee $280

Development Requiring review of professional consultants

($20,000 depsoit balance to be refunded)

Actual Cost
Administration Fee 10% of the Actual Costs to a maximum of $3,000
Administration Fee - Renewable Engery Projects 10% of Actual Costs
Deeming By-law
By-law Under Section 50 (4) of the Planning Act to deem a plan or a part of a plan not to be a registered plan (per application) $965
 Part-Lot Exemption
Part-Lot Exemption control By-law under section 50 (7) of the Planning Act (per application) $965
 Remove Holding Zone
By-law to remove "h" holding zone (per application) $155
 Encroachment Agreement
Encroachment Agreement processing (per agreement) $155
 Spoiling a Lot
Spoiling description on Lot of Record $2,000 for actula costs (legal and survey) $155
 Road Dedication
Road Dedication Fee $1,000 dposit for actual costs (legal) $155
 Planning Application Review Fees

Consultation on Renewable Energy project

Projects greater than 10kW

    Solar PV, bioenergy, water $590 per project

    Wind Turbing $590 per turbine

Official Plan Amendment $145
Zoning By-law Amendment $145
Severance/Consent includng Easements and Right of Way $145
Minor Variance $145
Condominium Request $145
Joint Application $215
 Sewage System Review
Official Plan Amendment No Charge
Zoning By-law Amendment $145
Consent (severance) per each new lot created $145
Minor Variance $145

Draft PLan of Subdivision Note: 0.3 meter reservse blcosk shall not be

inlcuded in the calculation of the number of blocks

Minimum flat fee of $510 to a maximum of $6,100

$52 per lot or block
Draft Plan of Condominium $570

Private Multi-Lot Residential Development (as an OPA and/or ZBA)

Minimum flat fee of $510 to a maximum of $6,100

$52 per lot or block
Other types of applications not noted above $145
Technical Assistance Actual Costs
 Legal and Engineering
All applications that involve Legal and/or Engineering Actual Costs
 Parkland Charges in accordance with By-law 2014-058

Land proposed for development or redevelopment for commercial or

industrial purposes

2% of value of the land
Land proposed for development in other cases 5% of value of the land
 Consent Deposit

Consent Deposit

100% refundable upon registration

50% refundable after 2 years not registered

 Payment in Lieu of Parking
All qualifying C1 zoned properties $1.05 / sapce

C1 properties where building has been altered to incrase square footage of builidng used for commercial purposes or use changes from residential to commericial

Less than 20 spaces $1,590 per space

more than 19 spaces $3,180 per space

Non-qualifying C1 zoned properties $3,180 per space
C1 properties where residential use intensified $3,180 per space
All other commerically zoned property must provide physical parking spaces  
Multi-residential redevelopment  $3,180 per space
All other residential zones would be determined for payment in lieu on a site specific basis  



Development fees and charges

The Municipality collects development charges on new development to cover the cost of infrastructure such as roads, sewers, water, fire stations, recreation facilities etc.

Site plan approval

Properties within the municipality may be subject to site plan control. Site Plan Control Agreements hold the developer accountable to develop and maintain a site as per the approved site plans and terms of the agreement.


The Municipality works with developers on subdivision plans that conform to our Official Plan and Zoning By-law.


Planning fees and charges


The zoning by-law regulates the use of land within the municipality. It classifies each property within the municipality with a specific zone and outlines the zoning provisions permitted on the property.

Minor variance

A minor variance may be needed when a proposed use or structure do not conform exactly with the zoning by-law.

Severances or Consents

Consents are the planning process regarding the division of land. If you are considering lot creation, lot addition, or easements on your property a consent application may be required.

Official Plan

The purpose of the Official Plan of the Municipality of Kincardine is to guide future development of land within the Municipality of Kincardine.