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By-Law Directory

Looking for a By-Law? Our Municipality of Kincardine By-Law Directory has the most recent versions of By-Laws and is a great repository for historical copies, too.

If you need assistance or an an alternative accessible format, please contact our Legislative Services division by e-mail or call 519-396-3468.

By-Law Enforcement

The Municipality of Kincardine uses the services of Municipal Support Services to oversee By-Law Enforcement. If you need to report a concern requiring the assistance of a By-Law Officer, please call 226-910-1322 for support.

Remember, not everything needs a call to By-Law. Sometimes you can resolve things with a simple neighbourly conversation or you can make a Service Request.

By-Law Enforcement

From Complaint to Resolution

The Municipality of Kincardine works on a complaint-based approach to by-law enforcement. This allows the Municipality and Municipal Support Services to utilize our resources effectively.

In order to maintain proper and consistent enforcement within the Municipality of Kincardine, this is the procedure from complaint to resolution.

  1. Complaint received (written or verbal depending on the complaint).
    Please note: We do not accept anonymous complaints from anyone. A name and phone number are required for files to be acted on and will remain confidential.
  2. Officer reviews complaint information and any evidence submitted with the complaint.
    Please note: Only if the Officer requires further details will they reach out to the complainant for those details.
  3. Once a complaint is submitted, the role of the complainant is complete. Complainants will not receive updates on the investigation.

  1. Officer will attend the location indicated (address, area, etc.)
  2. Officer will photograph any evidence of an infraction, if applicable.
  3. Officer will determine if a violation to a Municipal bylaw has occurred.

  1. Officer will speak with the homeowner at the property in question if there is a violation or not and advise on next steps NOTE: Next steps can include:
    • closing the file if there is no violation;
    • verbally request that the violation be rectified;
    • sending a Notice or an Order.
  2. In the case of Property Standards, Clean and Yards, Noise Control, or Public Nuisance matters where it is determined a violation has taken place, a first formal letter (Notice) may be mailed to the property owner’s address on file with a case number, indicating:
    • nature of the violation; 
    • how the violation can be rectified;
    • the amount of time given to rectify the violation.
    • next steps to be taken.
  3. If the property owner rectifies the issue in the allotted time frame, an officer will re-attend to verify compliance, speak with the property owner and close the file.
  4. If the issue has not been rectified, the officer may issue a second formal letter (Notice) after meeting with the property owner and provide an extension to the time frame to rectify the violation depending on the situation.
  5. Same step is taken, officer will re-attend, verify, and determine next steps.
  6. If compliance is still not met, an Order to comply will be issued. Time allotted for compliance is dependent on Municipal By-laws. As per the Building Code Act, there is a 21-day compliance allotment for Property Standards.
    Please note: For reoccurring violations, the Municipality may issue an Order for compliance immediately foregoing steps 8-11.
  7. When an order for compliance is not met, the Municipality will hire an independent Contractor (when applicable) to rectify the issue (i.e.  clean a property, cut the grass, etc.). NOTE:  the cost for this contractor and any associated fees and fines will be the responsibility of the homeowner to pay.
  8. File is closed.

Once a complaint is submitted, the role of the complainant is complete.

The Municipality and Municipal Support Services do not provide the complainant with updates or information on investigations. The process outlined above must be followed to maintain quality enforcement and to ensure that enforcement measures are fair & just, while protecting the personal information all parties involved.

By-Law Priority Response

Level 1 Call for Service

Immediate Response (24 Hours)

  • Dog Attacks  
  • Canine Control; secured canine needing pick-up 
  • Property Standards; heat, lighting, plumbing and electrical issues  

Level 2 Call for Service

Inspection Required (1-3 day response)

  • Clean and Clear Yards: long grass, debris, scrap, etc.,
  • Property Standards: scrap & debris, derelict vehicles, drainage, property in poor repair, drainage, mould etc.  
  • Canine Control; loose dog (unsecured dog at large)
  • Illegal Kennel(s) 

Level 3 Call for Service

Scheduled Inspection (3-5 day response)

  • Parking concerns  
  • Canine Control; loose dog (not secured) 
  • Noise complaints; loud music, barking dogs etc. 

Level 4 Call for Service

When Available (5-7 day response)

  • Department Assistance 
  • Civil matter 
  • Inquiries  

Common By-Laws

Here's a few examples of the most common By-Laws that people have questions about  or make reports on:

The Kincardine Fire and Emergency Services Station 12 fleet sits in front of the station.

At Fault False Alarm

The At Fault False Alarm By-Law is used to help address and reduce the call-out of emergency responders unnecessarily in the Municipality of Kincardine.

An individual uses a push mower to cut grass.

Clean Yards and Property Standards

The Clean and Clear Yards By-Law regulates the maintenance of yards in the Municipality including:

  • long grass and noxious weeds
  • unlicensed vehicles and trailers

The Property Standards By-Law regulates property maintenance and occupancy standards.

Please use the Clean Clear Yards - Property Standards Complaint form to submit your concern.

Golden fireworks burst in the night sky.


The Sale and Use of Fireworks By-Law regulates the sale, storage, display, and discharge of fireworks within the community.

Please note that the unlawful use of fireworks is subject to a fine under the Public Nuisance By-Law.

A sprinkler sprays water across grass.

Lawn Watering

Lawn watering restrictions are in place annually from May 15th to September 30th.

Even-numbered houses may water on even-numbered calendar days.

Odd-numbered houses may water on odd-numbered calendar days.

Times for watering are 6 to 9 a.m. and 6  to 9 p.m.

This information is part of the Outdoor Water Use By-Law.

A tree full of autumn leaves arches over a bridge.

Municipal Tree Policy and By-Law

The Municipality protects and preserves trees growing on Municipally owned lands through the Tree By-Law.

It regulates the planting, felling, and maintenance of these trees and our Municipal Tree Policy helps us to manage this work.

Please make a Service Request for removal, maintenance, or planting of trees on Municipal property.

A megaphone.


The Noise Control By-Law outlines the noise regulations within the Municipality of Kincardine.

A person sits on a four wheeler.

Off-Road Vehicles

The use of off-road vehicles is not permitted on any park, playground, trail, sand dune, beach area, or shoreline road allowance that are part of Municipal property.

See the Off-Road Vehicle By-Law for complete details.

A tent being set-up in a wooded area.

Overnight Camping

Camping in public places and Municipality of Kincardine parks is not allowed under the Public Nuisance By-Law.

A classic car parked on the street.


The Traffic and Parking By-Law regulates parking throughout the Municipality of Kincardine.

You can pay a parking ticket online or, if you'd like to contest a ticket, please clearly indicate the "Trial Option" on the ticket, include all requested information and mail to:

Municipal Administration Centre
1475 Concession 5, R.R. #5
Kincardine, Ontario
N2X 2X6

Please note that staff will not review the ticket in office upon request.

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