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Housing Action Plan

The Municipality of Kincardine has approved a Housing Action Plan to address the local housing affordability and availability crisis. The Plan includes 13 actions and has three primary goals.

Goal 1: Support a wider variety of diverse housing types, including more rental options.

Goal 2: Proactively plan for future housing growth.

Goal 3: Advocate, collaborate and communicate on housing needs and supports.


Since the development of this Housing Action Plan, the Province of Ontario has introduced Bill 23 – More Homes Built Faster Action, 2022. If this Bill is passed the Municipality will need to refresh the Housing Action Plan in order to align with the Provincial directions. 

To read more about the potential impacts of this Bill if passed, visit the Association of Municipalities of Ontario website .

Why create a Housing Action Plan? 

Housing is a basic human need and impacts every aspect of daily life.

Community consultation for the Corporate Strategic Plan and the Economic Development Strategy identified housing affordability as one of Kincardine’s greatest challenges.

The Housing Action Plan identifies ways that the Municipality can help to: 

  • align and adopt municipal policies, processes, by-laws and s to improve:
    • supply and availability of housing
    • diversity of housing stock
    • affordable housing options
  • compliment and support the County of Bruce mandate, roles and responsibilities of their Housing and Homelessness Plan.
  • To create community understanding around housing issues and inspire collective action.

How was the Community Consulted?

The Municipality engaged the public, key stakeholder groups, and specific sectors in conversations around housing. Over 1,300 people contributed to the discussion. A detailed 'What We Heard' was developed to capture the feedback received.

Housing Survey

In April and March 2022, we invited all residents or potential residents to complete a Municipal Housing Survey. The  Results are available and helped us better understand housing needs and provide community input on increasing the supply of housing, including more affordable options. Metroline Research Group, an independent marketing research company, managed the survey execution and data analysis.  

Housing Forum

The Municipality hosted a Housing Forum on June 8, 2022 to learn best practices from other communities and gather input from community. You can view the presentation from the housing forum.

Bruce County - Housing Services

The Housing Services Division manages the administration and directly provides housing supports and services. A full list of services and programs is available on their website.

The County of Bruce is also developing a Housing Toolkit to support developers interested in building more affordable housing in the community. More information is available by clicking the button below.

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