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Inspections are required as different steps of construction are completed.

Book an inspection

To book an inspection, call the Building Department at least two business days in advance. You need to know the address of construction and the name the permit is under. It is your responsibility that either you or your contractor book an inspection.

It is important to book an inspection at the correct stage of your project. If an inspection is missed, you may have to uncover and expose work to complete the inspection.

If there are corrections another inspection may be needed.

Required inspections

  • Form work in place
  • Before pouring

  • Water line installed to road side shut off
  • Sewer and Stormwater piping installed

  • Installation of damp proofing
  • Installation of drainage tile
  • Installation of drainage stone
  • Sump pit installed

  • Underground drainage pipes installed with an air or water test on

  • Rough in waste and vent pipes installed with an air or water test on
  • Water meter installed (mandatory)

  • All structural framing members in place
  • Heating, plumbing, ventilation, and electrical systems installed and passed
  • Joist hangers, anchor bolts, steel beams and columns installed including all related fasteners
  • Interior stairs and landings installed on the site to provide access to the different levels of the structure
  • Truss drawings to be on site.

  • When the tank is being installed
  • When the septic bed is dug out
  • After all the piping is connected
  • Final ground covered completed

  • All insulation and vapour/air barrier completed
  • Exterior of the buildings to be weather tight, including the installation of roofing materials (shingles)
  • Note: blow in attic ceiling insulation may not need to be done for this inspection

  • Plumbing system to be completed and all fixtures installed
  • RIM test to be provided

  • All interior and exterior finishes nearing completion
  • Life safety items completed including but not limited to:
    • Handrails
    • Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
    • Mechanical systems running (i.e. hot and cold drinking water, heat etc.)

  • Any outstanding items
  • Final grading

For electrical inspections please contact the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA).

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