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Business Licences

The Municipality of Kincardine does not issue a business licence unless it is (a) :

You must have a valid municipal taxi driver's licence to operate a taxi, limousine or other car for hire in Kincardine. Each vehicle requires a separate licence. You may not transfer a licence.

You must meet all conditions in the Taxi Licence By-law.

The Kincardine Police Services Board meets to consider issuing a licence when your application is complete.


Your taxi driver's, brokers or owner/operator licence application must include:

  • Signed application
  • A photo taken by municipal staff
  • Current police records check and vulnerable sector check
  • Current statement of driving record from the Ministry of Transportation
  • Photocopy of your Ontario Driver's Licence (with current address)
  • Licence fees

    Your Vehicle Licence application must include:

    • Signed application
    • Safety Standards Certificate completed within the last three months
    • Vehicle ownership
    • Proof of insurance
    • Taxi Meter Calibration Certificate
    • Licence fees

    Your licence is valid until the expiry date on your card.

    Please allow up to 90 days for your checks from the Ontario Provincial Police.


You must have a licence to have a Mobile Watersport Equipment Rental business. These are only valid for an approved area at Station Beach. Types of rentals include paddle boards, surf boards and kite boards.


You apply each year for your licence which is valid from April 1 to November 1. Your application must include:

  • completed application
  • site location information
  • a photo of the site setup with logo, colour scheme, insignia, vehicle, etc.
  • valid insurance
  • licence fees $419.40

A kennel licence is required for more than 3 dogs. The Municipality of Kincardine regulates dog kennel licences. If you are interested in getting a kennel license please contact the By-Law Compliance Officer before building any type of kennel structure as there are certain zoning requirements and standards in place.

You must have a licence to operate a refreshment vehicle. Refreshment vehicles include food trucks, ice-cream carts, hotdog carts and food trailers. They may be mobile or stay in one spot.


You apply each year for a licence that is valid until December 31. Your application must include:

  • the required licensing fee of $419.40;
  • a copy of the motor vehicle registration;
  • picture of the vehicle;
  • a Food Premises Inspection Report from a local board of health;
  • an inspection by a fire department;
  • a copy of the Mobile Food Service Equipment Annual Inspection Certificate from the Technical Standards and Safety Equipment (TSSA);
  • proof of insurance;
  • a signed application;
  • other documents as necessary.

You must follow the Municipality of Kincardine Refreshment Vehicle By-law.

Special events

Municipality of Kincardine refreshment vehicle licence holder

You must receive written permission from special event organizers to sell within their event.

Non-licence holders

You must submit a Refreshment Vehicle Special Event Application to the special event organizer. You do not need a Municipality of Kincardine Refreshment Vehicle licence.

View the by-law.

You must have a permit and a lease to operate an on-street patio.

 On-street Patios include a patio area on the sidewalk portion of the boulevard and a temporary sidewalk constructed through the on-street parking area (Siteplan example).  On-street Patios shall be used for a passive seating area for the public or patrons of a food or beverage service business.   


 You apply each year for a permit that is valid from May 1st through October 31st in the year it was obtained.  You must apply at least 30 days before the intended installation date. 

Your application must include:

 On-street Patio applications are reviewed by the Business Improvement Area Committee and the Accessibility Advisory Committee for comment.  Applications are circulated to relevant staff for comment.  

You must follow the On-Street Patio By-law.  Fees for the On-Street Patios shall be as per the Municipality’s Rates and Fees By-law. 

You do not require a business licence to open a retail, home or other business in Kincardine.

All properties and the buildings on them have a specific land use dedicated to them, if you are considering starting a business please check our zoning and permitted uses page to find out more information.

If you are planning a construction project, the Building Department is here to help. Projects may include additions, renovations, new construction, demolition, septic systems, plumbing, signs, tents, change of building use etc.

Building Permit Application Form

Sign Permit

Septic Application Form


BizPaL is an online service. It will assist you in determining what permits, licenses and other requirements you need to start a business.

BizPaL provides information from the federal and provincial governments, plus the Municipality of Kincardine.

Using BizPal, you can identify what you may require quickly and easily. The information you need is:

  • available from a single source;
  • free to use;
  • available 24/7

Launch BizPaL

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