Municipal responsibility

The Sewer department is responsible for collection and treatment of sewage in serviced areas on municipal property.

Public Works are responsible for the collection and management of rain water on municipal roadways and allowances.

Homeowner responsibility

Sewer pipes on private property are the responsibility of the property owner.

Please help keep catchbasins clear of debris. Do not place leaves or grass clipping on the roadway.

General Information

 Rates and Fees
 See our Rates and Fees
 Utility Billing
 See our Utility Billing Info
 See our Digging and Locates Page
 Sewer Backups
 If you have a sewer issue, please call the sewer department at 519-396-4660. We will check to make sure the sewers under the road are clear of a blockage. If street sewers are clear, please call a plumber to check the pipes inside your home.
 Tips to avoid a sewer backup
  • Put grease in a jar and place in garbage
  • Scrape all food scraps into garbage
  • Use hair and lint traps
  • Put diapers and wipes in garbage
  • Put dental floss in garbage
  • Put condoms in garbage
  • Put pads and tampons in garbage
  • Take paints and varnishes to hazardous waste disposal
  • Take leftover pills to drug store

Sewer FAQ's

What can I flush down the toilet?

Only pee, poop and toilet paper can go in the toilet.

Can I pour grease down the drain?

No. Grease should be placed in a jar or sealed container and put into the garbage.

How do I drain my pool?

See our sewer use bylaw

How do I hook up to municipal sewer?

Please call the building department at 519-396-3468 ext 2.

I smell sewer gas what do I do?

Pour water down floor drains and sinks. If smell does not stop call a plumber.

Where can I put waste from my recreational vehicle (RV)?

The Municipality does not take waste from RV's. Please call a camp ground for disposal.

I have a sewer complaint who should I contact?

Please contact the sewer department at or call 519-396-4660.

Sewer use by-law

Sewer Use By-law

Sewer annual reports

Kincardine Sewer Annual Report 2018

Kincardine Sewer Annual Report 2017

Tiverton, Inverhuron and Bruce Energy Center Sewer Annual Report 2018

Tiverton, Inverhuron and Bruce Energy Center Sewer Annual Report 2017

Storm Sewer FAQ's

The catchbasin in front of my property is plugged. Who do I call?

Please call the Public Works Office 519-396-3468 ext. 3

What are stormwater management Ponds (SWMP's)?

A storm water management pond collects water runoff in the area. It will hold the water and slowly release it to the environment. This will help keep items like dirt, fertilizer, cigarette butts and garbage out of our rivers and lakes.

How are stormwater management ponds maintained?

Grass will not be cut around the pond to keep it natural. After many years' debris may be removed from the pond. Structures and bank stabilization may occur at different times.

I want to tie my sump pump discharge into the stormwater system. Who do I call?

Please call the Public Works Office 519-396-3468 ext. 3