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The Ontario Electronic Stewardship's (OES) program promotes the 3 R's solutions (reduce, reuse and recycle). Residents and businesses are encouraged to bring their old electronic devices, free of charge to the Kincardine Waste Management Centre. Electronics that are at the end of their useful life will be directed to recycling/processing facilities that will be required to meet strict environmental, health and safety standards to ensure these materials do not find their way into the environment.

Acceptable Items

• Desktop computers

• Portable computers

• Computer peripherals

• Modems

• Copiers, scanners

• Typewriters

• Telephone & accessories

• Cell phones

• Equalizers/ (pre)amplifiers

• Video players/projectors

• PDAs and pagers

• Personal handheld devices

• Monitors

• Televisions

• Printing devices

• Radios

• Receivers

• Speakers

• Tuners

• Turntables

• Audio players

• Video Recorders

• Cameras

Get more information on the program or call Kincardine waste management Centre at 519-396-7549.

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