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Making a Claim

If you have incurred damage to your property or have an injury for which you believe the Municipality of Kincardine may be responsible, you must fill out our Claim Form. It can be returned to the Clerk's department via mail, email or fax, as listed on the form.

The following information is required:

  • Name, address and contact information of the person making the claim
  • Date, time, location and details of the incident
  • What you are requesting the Municipality do about the claim
  • Photos or relevant documentation to support the claim
  • Signature

Claim Form

There may be a limitation period or other procedural timelines that apply to your claim, so you should consult your own legal counsel or insurer as needed.

Your claim letter will be received by the Clerk’s Department and will be stamped at the time of receipt. It will then be forwarded to the department involved for investigation and response. This claim process may take time.

Contacting Your Own Insurance Company

The Municipality recognizes that suffering a loss can be upsetting, however, it is important to know that the Municipality is not your insurer. If you have an automobile or property insurance policy, we suggest that you report the incident to your insurance company or broker right away. Should your insurance company believe the Municipality is responsible for the loss, the insurer may seek compensation against the Municipality on your behalf. The Municipality only provides consideration of your claim if it is legally responsible for the damage.

 Whenever damage to Municipal property is caused by a third party, the Municipality seeks recovery of the related costs from the responsible party (i.e. for damage to property such as streetlights or guide rails).

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