Disposing of your household hazardous waste in the garbage or washing it down the drain can be dangerous to your family and the environment. Household Hazardous Waste can be disposed of at one of the Bruce County Hazardous Waste Days.

Household hazardous and special waste (HHSW) is found in every home. For a complete list of materials that are accepted at the hazardous waste day please view the list of acceptable household hazardous waste materials.

Hazardous Waste Days in the Municipality of Kincardine:


Location: Kincardine Works Yard, 140 Valentine Ave, Kincardine

This special event is for the handling of household hazardous waste ONLY.  Commercial or Industrial wastes, or volumes, will not be accepted.   Residents are encouraged to return motor oil, paint etc., to point of purchase or recycle where possible.  Empty containers (dried up paint containers) are to be recycled or disposed of with household waste.

If you are interested in further info, please contact:

Bruce County Highways Department
Phone: (877) 681-1291 Ext. 4
Fax: (519) 507-3030