Properties within the Municipality of Kincardine may be subject to site plan control. Before a building permit is issued a Site Plan Agreement between the Municipality and the developer must be executed. The agreement holds the developer accountable to develop and maintain a site as per the approved site plans and terms of the agreement.

Site Plan Application Process

Step 1 – Pre- Consultation

Applicant consults with Municipal staff on the proposed project.

If a planning application is also required for the project the applicant will be directed to start a planning application with the County Planner.

Step 2 – Submission

Site Plan Control Application Requirements

Application Submissions must include:

  • Site Plan Application- contact the Building and Planning Department to fill out a Site Plan Application
  • Site Plan Checklist
  • Supporting documentation and drawings
  • Site Plan Fee and Deposit

Step 3 – Review of Submission

The site plan application is circulated to relevant commenting agencies, including but not limited to: municipal staff, municipal engineer, Saugeen Valley Conservation Authority, Bruce County Planner, MTO, service providers.

Step 4 – Address Comments

Any comments are sent to the applicant, so concerns can be addressed, and the application resubmitted with amendments or alterations.

Step 5 – Site Plan Agreement

Once all comments from commenting agencies have been addressed to the satisfaction of the Municipality a site plan agreement is drafted and sent to applicant for review.

Step 6 – Execution of Site Plan Agreement

Once the site plan agreement has been signed by the property owner or signing authority the agreement is taken to council with a staff report for consideration. Upon Council's approval a by-law is passed, and the agreement is signed and in effect. The Site Plan Agreement is then registered on title.

Site Plan Agreement

A site plan agreement is individual to the property. A draft site plan agreement can be reviewed. However, there may be additional, site specific, requirements.