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Council Info - October 25, 2023

The following is a summary of major discussion items presented at Council on October 25, 2023. Please refer to the website for the complete and official records of the meeting including consent agenda items, motions of Council, communications, detailed reports, and attachments.

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Council meeting

Delegations and Presentations

Municipal Innovation Council (MIC)

Tony Houad, Director, presented an update on the Municipal Innovation Council (MIC).

Food Cycle Science

Jessica Taylor presented the results of the Food Cycler Food Waste Diversion Program in Kincardine.

Matters for Discussion and Direction

IT Services Agreement, Financial Services-2023-29

In 2022, the Municipal Innovation Council (MIC) initiated a Joint IT Business Analysis Review, engaging GHD Digital to support the review and develop an IT strategy. The MIC’s member municipalities identified that improving IT service delivery was a key area that needed to be explored further and recognized an opportunity to benefit from an IT shared services model.

The Municipality of Kincardine currently has one employee dedicated to IT. There is a need to increase our IT human resources to better protect the Municipality from security risk, as well as to simply keep up with day to day demands on IT including help desk and troubleshooting, procurement, application support, etc. The Municipality has seen significant expansion in the number of applications and IT systems being deployed across the organization, and the current IT staffing is unsustainable.
In an effort to mitigate this risk, Municipal and County staff have explored the idea of an IT Services Agreement that was first introduced in the Joint IT Business Analysis Review. After several months of discussion and investigation into this model, an agreement has been drafted and is attached for Council’s consideration.

Council deferred their decision for two weeks on the attached IT Services Agreement with the County of Bruce; as well deferred their decision on the Base Cost of $100,000 to be included in the draft 2024 budget.

Debenture By-Law – Queen Street Reconstruction, Financial Services-2023-27

The purpose of this report is to provide Council with the final debenture documents for approval to finance the Queen Street Reconstruction project. The debenture amount is $4,556,500 for a 20-year term.

Council approved the attached Debenture By-law and authorized the Municipality of Kincardine to issue debentures in respect of the Queen Street Reconstruction project in the amount of $4,556,500 for a 20-year term.

Accounts Receivable Policy, Financial Services-2023-30

The purpose of this report is to provide Council with an updated Accounts Receivable Policy document that aligns with the Municipality’s processes and incorporates best practices within the municipal sector. A revised draft policy is being presented for Council’s consideration and adoption.

Supplementary internal procedural documents will be developed that support the policy and can be used as a reference for staff to ensure our day-to-day actions are in alignment with corporate objectives.

Council adopted the draft Accounts Receivable Policy as presented and repealed the former policy GG.2.20 Accounts Receivable and GG.2.6 NSF Cheques.

2024 Consolidated Rates & Fees, Financial Services-2023-32

The Rates and Fees charged by the Municipality for various services are reviewed each year to assess the financial appropriateness of the amounts being charged. Council approved the current Rates and Fees By-law in October 2022.

The proposed Rates and Fees are brought forward prior to the budget process for approval as the new rates are used to estimate the revenue streams for the upcoming budget year.
An economic increase of 3.3% has been applied to the majority of the rates and fees, with minor rounding adjustments. Any significant increases or changes from 2023 fees have been summarized in this report.

Council approved the proposed 2024 Consolidated Rates and Fees Schedule as outlined in Staff Report Financial Services-2023-32, effective January 1, 2024.

Bruce Telecom Legacy Fund, Financial Services-2023-31

The purpose of this report is to obtain Council’s approval to establish a Legacy Fund that would hold the net proceeds from the sale of Bruce Telecom Holdings Inc. The proposed Bruce Telecom Legacy Fund would hold the principal proceeds of the sale (net of disbursements) and would utilize only the investment earnings (or a portion of the earnings) to fund the long-term capital plan.

A Legacy Fund Investment Policy would be developed which would provide the framework on how the investments would be managed and as well as detailing the distribution of income to fund capital projects.

Council approved the creation of the Bruce Telecom Legacy Fund to maintain the proceeds from the sale of Bruce Telecom Holdings Inc; and directed staff to prepare a Legacy Fund Investment Policy to provide for the framework for the Bruce Telecom Legacy Fund.

Holding Removal By-law – 18 Craig Dr, Development Services-2023-35

The property owner has requested that the Holding “H” provision be removed from their property which is currently zoned R1-bb-H, located at 18 Craig Drive, Kincardine. The provisions outlined under By-law 2013-132 to remove the holding provision outline that the lands be subject to Site Plan Control and that the property undertake an Environmental Impact Study (EIS). Through provincial legislation, Bill 23 exempts the proposed construction of a dwelling and any accessory amenities from the site plan control. In addition, the requirement for completion of the EIS study has also been satisfied.

Council passed the by-law for the removal of the Holding ‘H’ provision from CON A PT LOT 26; RP 3R-9554 Parts 9 and 10, Municipality of Kincardine (geographic Township of Kincardine).

Holding Removal By-law – 457 Sideroad 30, Development Services-2023-34

A request for removal of a Holding provision from the property known as 457 Side Road 30 has been received. The subject property, legally described as Part Lot 30, Concession 5, Municipality of Kincardine (geographic Township of Bruce), is currently zoned Agricultural Commercial/ Industrial (ACI-s-H) which is subject to Holding ‘H’ provision. The current zoning permits various uses within the specified zone including its current use as Warehousing and further permits ancillary uses in support of the permitted uses. The owner has applied to remove the holding provision and intends to renovate a portion of the space to accommodate an office area in support of the existing use.

Council passed the by-law for the removal of the Holding ‘H’ provision from Part Lot 30, Concession 5, Municipality of Kincardine (geographic Township of Bruce).

Live Streaming Partnership Agreement with Bulldogs, Parks Facilities-2023-18

Staff is seeking approval for an Agreement with the Kincardine Bulldogs Club to live stream Junior C hockey games for the 2023/2024 season.

Recently the Provincial Junior Hockey League (PJHL) approached host communities of Junior C teams to entertain the opportunity to broadcast live all Junior C games played with in municipal arenas.

Staff is proposing an agreement be approved which outlines the conditions of the cameras being used within a municipal facility.

Council approved the Agreement between the Municipality of Kincardine and the Kincardine Bulldogs Club for the purposes of video streaming Junior C games at the Davidson Centre for the 2023/2024 season.

Council Appointments to Committees

Council Appointment to Pier Safety Ad-Hoc Committee

Council took nominations from the floor for a member to be appointed to the Pier Ad Hoc Safety Committee. The Council member will act as Chair for the Committee. The qualification for members is as stated in the attached Ad Hoc Pier Safety Committee Terms of Reference.

Council appointed Councillor Cavanaugh to sit on the Pier Safety Ad-Hoc Committee.

Council Appointment to BASWR Board

Council took nominations from the floor for a member to be appointed to the Bruce Area Solid Waste and Recycling Board (BASWR) to fill the vacancy left by Councillor Steinhoff-Gray. 

Council appointed Councillor Kennedy to sit on the BASWR Board


Enbridge Battery Energy Storage Project

Council supported the development, construction and operation of Enbridge’s battery energy storage project (LT1RFQ-012-3) of up to 150 MW, located on Concession 6 being LT 9 CON 7 BRUCE EXCEPT PT 5, 3R1791; S/T R31063, PIN 332820048.

Dalton Lease Agreement By-law

The By-law is to authorize an agreement with Terry Dalton for the renewal of a land lease of approximately 40 acres of unused vacant land to be used by the Lessee as pastureland. The lands to be rented are located beside the Bruce Township landfill more particularly described as part of Part Lot 17, Concession 2.  Council approved the “Dalton Lease Agreement (2023) By-law No. 2023

Matters for Information

Consent Agenda

Items listed under the Consent Agenda are considered routine and are enacted in one motion as a Matter Arising. The exception to this rule is that a Council member or the Chief Administrative Officer may request one or more items to be removed from the consent agenda for separate discussion and action.

Council approved the recommendations contained in the consent agenda dated October 25, 2023, and directed staff to proceed with all necessary administrative actions.

Statistical and Information Reports

Building Services Report September 2023

Asset Management Update, Financial Services-2023-26

This information is being provided to Council in preparation for the 2024 Budget, as well as to provide an update on the progress of the Asset Management Plan (AMP) and financial strategy.

Under Ontario Regulation 588/17, municipalities must report to Council at least once per year on the current progress of the AMP and any barriers aligning operations with the plan.

Q3 Community Services Report, Quarterly Report-2023-30

This report provides an update on the activities completed this past quarter by the Community Services Department.

Strategic Initiatives Department Quarterly Update – October 2023, Strategic Initiatives-2023-11

This report provides an update on the activities completed this past quarter (July 1 to September 30, 2023) by the Strategic Initiatives Department.

Minutes of Committees and Boards

Council received and filed the following minutes.

Municipal Tree Canopy and Natural Vegetation Ad-Hoc Committee, July 12, 2023

Municipal Tree Canopy and Natural Vegetation Ad-Hoc Committee, July 20, 2023

Municipal Tree Canopy and Natural Vegetation Ad-Hoc Committee, August 1, 2023

Municipal Tree Canopy and Natural Vegetation Ad-Hoc Committee, August 16, 2023

Kincardine Police Services Board, August 10, 2023

Kincardine Police Services Board, October 12, 2023

Closed Meeting

Mayor Craig reported that a Closed Session had been held, pursuant to Section 239 (2) of the Municipal Act, 2001, and coming out to the closed meeting the following items were considered:

  1. Brittany Hamilton was appointed to the BIA.
  2. Jim Cooper and Kristin Beaton were appointed to the Pier Ad Hoc Safety Committee
  3. Council passed a motion to support the creation of a Full-Time Permanent Community Emergency Management Coordinator and a Part-Time Permanent Fire Prevention Officer.

The Mayor also reported that Closed Session Minutes dated October 11, 2023 were approved and direction was provided to staff regarding a proposed disposition of land.

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