The Treasury Department is responsible for the administration and maintenance of all financial records, including:

Accounts Payable

The Treasury Department reviews and processes all disbursements and payments on behalf of the Municipality of Kincardine. This includes payment of:

• Invoices for goods and services received

• Payroll

• Municipal contributions

• Contract holdbacks

• Expense disbursements

• Transfers

• Income and HST tax remittances

• Refunds

Methods of Payment

Two methods of payment are available:

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

Electronic Funds Transfer is an environmentally friendly and cost-effective option. Vendors receive payment faster than with cheques. There is also no risk of payment being lost or stolen as the payment is transferred securely and directly to your bank account.

If you are interested in this option, please fill out the EFT Authorization Form and return to the address provided on the form. If you are a current vendor on EFT and need to update your banking information, please fill out the Bank Account Update Form


For vendors that do not accept payment by EFT, we issue payment by cheque. Cheques are mailed out directly to the vendor address provided on the invoice.

Accounts Receivable

Accounts receivable is responsible for issuing invoices and the collection of outstanding fees owed to the Municipality of Kincardine. Due dates are specified on your invoice.

We issue invoices for the following billings:

• General administration

• Dog licences

• Kincardine Airport

• Medical Clinic

• Kincardine Marina

• Water and Wastewater

• Facility Rentals

Sign up for eBilling

We now offer direct email delivery of tax and all accounts receivable/utility accounts. You will need a copy of your most recent bill to sign up. After signing up, you will no longer receive a paper copy in the mail.

To sign up, fill out the eBilling Sign Up Form.

Please remember:

  • You are responsible to resubmit the online form if there is a change in email address.
  • Failure to receive an invoice does not excuse you from payment and any applicable interest.
  • If you do not receive your invoice, please check your junk mail folder and add us to your safe list.

Payment Options

Please visit our payment options page to see the variety of ways you can pay your bill.

Asset Management

Asset Management Planning is the process of making the best possible decisions regarding the construction, operation, maintenance, renewal, replacement, expansion and disposal of infrastructure assets. Asset management planning requires a thorough understanding of the characteristics and condition of infrastructure assets, as well as the service levels expected from them. It also involves setting strategic priorities with investments and identifying critical assets for the development of a minimum life cycle cost.

As of January 1, 2018, Ontario municipalities are subject to O. Reg 588/17 Asset Management Planning for Municipal Infrastructure, under the Infrastructure for Jobs and Prosperity Act, 2015, S.O. 2015, c.15. Under the law, every municipality will be required to prepare a comprehensive strategic asset management policy, a plan to maintain core municipal infrastructure, a levels of service proposal, and a publicly accessible asset management plan.

In 2018, the Municipality of Kincardine participated in a pilot project with the MFOA to assist in developing a Strategic Asset Management Policy toolkit that could be used by municipalities to assist them in meeting the requirements of the new legislation. The existing policy was reviewed and updated. The current Asset Management Policy meets the first requirement under the new legislation.

The 2016 Asset Management Plan was updated by Dillon Consulting in 2022. It meets the legislative deadline for all core assets and current levels of service. It also includes early adoption of future requirements under the regulation, including current levels of service for all infrastructure assets, discussions surrounding proposed levels of service, and a related funding strategy.

The plan will help make well-informed and evidence-based decisions throughout the annual budget process and with capital grant applications. It will guide planning for future sustainable infrastructure.

2022 Asset Management Plan

2016 Asset Management Plan

2013 Asset Management Plan


The Municipality of Kincardine Council adopts a budget for operating and capital requirements annually. All budget meetings are open to the public and advertised on the website and in local newspapers.

Operating: This budget covers the day-to-day operations of the Municipality and funds such municipal services and programs as snow removal, fire protection services, by-law enforcement, economic development, road maintenance and repair, and parks and recreation programming.

Capital: This budget covers municipal projects related to new assets or rehabilitating existing ones, including roads, sewers, water infrastructure, parks, facilities, stormwater management infrastructure, equipment replacements, and more.

The 2023 Operating and Capital Budgets were approved by Council on March 13, 2023. A budget amendment was approved on June 19, 2023. A second budget amendment was approved on October 11, 2023.

The Municipality of Kincardine tax levy of $21,976,875 is used to finance the Operating and Capital budgets for 2023.

Budget Summary




Change as a







Non-Tax Revenue





Raised by Annual Tax Rates





2022 & 2023 Household Taxes


Average Household Property Assessment

Multiplied by

Tax Rate


Average Taxes

Change as a Percentage















Budget Documents

2024-Understanding Your Municipal Budget Guide
2023 Budget Report

2022 Budget Report

Current and prior year budgets are listed below:

2023 Operating and Capital Budget

2022 Operating and Capital Budget

2021 Operating and Capital Budget

2020 Operating and Capital Budget

2019 Operating and Capital Budget

2018 Operating and Capital Budget

2017 Operating and Capital Budget

2016 Operating and Capital Budget

Financial Statements

See our Financial Statements page for more information.


Through the Municipal Modernization Program, the procurement policy was reviewed for compliance with legislation and to provide recommendations to modernize the procurement framework and practices to help reduce costs, and to streamline processes. 

A complete review can be found in the Procurement Policy and Review Report.

View our Purchasing and Procurement Policy.

View our Purchase Order Terms and Conditions.

For current opportunities, visit our Bids and Tenders page for more information.


The list of all the fees the Municipality of Kincardine administers is reviewed, updated and approved by Council each year.

The list includes fees related to:

  • Administration Fees
  • Building & Planning Fees
  • Cemetery Fees
  • Recreation Fees
  • Fire Fees
  • Water and Wastewater Fees
  • Landfill Fees

View the 2023 Consolidated Rates and Fees By-Law for a complete listing.

 Digital Transformation Strategy
 Digital Transformation Strategy Report