Message from Mayor Glover

On behalf of Council and the Municipality of Kincardine I want to extend our heart felt condolences to the families of the 215 Indigenous children found in the mass grave at the residential school in Kamloops British Columbia.  They are in our community’s hearts and thoughts.  The Municipality has lowered flags at half mast for 215 hours, from May 31 to June 9.  

This is dark and sad reminder of the history and impact that Residential schools had and have on Indigenous communities in the past, present and will continue to in the future.  

Thoughts and words are not enough.  We must demonstrate our commitment to action in order to move towards healing and reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples.  

And the fact is that there can’t be reconciliation without truth. To understand this truth we need to educate ourselves on the history.  

As a municipality we will work on actions to educate our staff and will work together with partners to support community learning and action.  We have put together one resource to help you in your learning journey.  I encourage you use this resource as one tool in your learning.





Ever wonder what the 2S is in LGBTQ2S+? 

Two Spirit (2S) is an English umbrella term to reflect and restore Indigenous traditions forcefully suppressed by colonization, honouring the fluid and diverse nature of gender and attraction and its connection to community and spirituality. It is used by some Indigenous People rather than, or in addition to, identifying as LGBTQI. 

Watch this video produced by Egale, an organization with a mission to improve the lives of 2SLGBTQI people in Canada and to enhance the global response.