Our By-law Enforcement Officer is responsible for the enforcement of municipal by-laws to ensure a safe, quiet and pleasant environment for all residents in the community.

To report a concern the By-law Officer requires a written complaint with contact information for follow-up.


For information on the Sale and Use of Fireworks please visit our Fire Prevention page.


Our Noise Control By-law outlines the noise regulations within the municipality.

Off Road Vehicles

The use of Off- Road Vehicles are not permitted on any park, playground, trail, sand dune, beach area, or shoreline road allowances that are part of municipal property. For the full list of restrictions please read the Off-Road Vehicle By-law.


Our Traffic and Parking By-law regulates parking within the Municipality.

Property Standards

Our Property Standards By-law regulates property maintenance and occupancy standards. According to this by-law property owners are responsible for keeping properties clean and clear from garbage and debris.

Common Concerns include: