The Municipality of Kincardine's Official Plan is a guide intended to give direction to the physical development land of the municipality spanning over 20 years. The Municipality of Kincardine's official plan regulates the settlement areas including Kincardine, Tiverton, and the lakeshore area. The rural areas of the municipality are regulated under Bruce County's Official Plan.

Official Plan Review

The municipality is currently undergoing an Official Plan Review. Updates on the official plan review process will be posted here and meeting dates will be posted on the municipal council calendar.


 Natural Heritage Study 2009

Natural Heritage Study - Municipality of Kincardine - Volume 1: Existing Conditions, Scientific Methodology & Preliminary Natural Heritage System (NHS)


Natural Heritage Study - Kincardine - Volume 2: Policy & Implementation Discussion Paper

Official Plan

The purpose of the Official Plan of the Municipality of Kincardine is to guide future development of land within the Municipality of Kincardine.

The Official Plan determines:

  • Where new housing, industry, and commercial areas will be located
  • What services such as roads, water, and sewers will be needed
  • When parts of the community will grow

Official Plan Maps

Kincardine Official Plan Schedules - with amendments

Official Plan Amendments

An official plan amendment is required when a proposed development is not aligned with the official plan land designation of the property. If you have a development proposal, please contact the Building Department so we can identify if a official plan amendment may be required.


List of Amendments to Official Plan of the Municipality of Kincardine 2021