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The Tile Drainage Loan Program offers loans to property owners in the farm land tax class. It is authorized by the Tile Drainage Act.

Apply for a Loan

To apply for a loan, fill out the OMAFRA Application Form and return to the Building and Planning Department.

Terms of a Loan

  • All requests are subject to the availability of funds. At both the time of application and the time the funds are to be paid.
  • Loans are limited to the lesser of 75% of the eligible costs requested or 75% of eligible costs as approved by OMAFRA. The annual maximum loan to any farmer is $50,000.
  • All requests must include a drawing to show the lands that will be drained. (Example drawing).
  • Approval is subject to the Drainage Inspectors approval and all terms and conditions of OMAFRA.
  • Contractors must be approved by OMAFRA.
  • If the project directly impacts a natural watercourse approval from SVCA may be required. The Drainage Inspector will determine when SVCA approval is required.
  • Loan interest rate is determined by OMAFRA.
  • The contract must provide two copies of the as constructed drawings. The drawings must show the tile pattern as installed.


Municipal Drains

If you have concerns with excess water on your property or need to improve the drainage on your agricultural land you should contact the Drainage Superintendent. If you already have a municipal drain which needs repair, maintenance or improvement the Drainage Superintendent should also be contacted.

If the Drainage Superintendent suggests you move forward with a municipal drain, you will need to file a Petition for Drainage with the Clerk.

The Ontario Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA) provides details on the Drainage Act.


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