COVID 19 UPDATE - Effective September 1, 2020:
 The Terminal is now open during staff hours to serve the aviation public to a maximum of two persons at a time to use the washroom facilities and then exit the building. All Provincial Safety Measures will be observed and a Mask must be worn and safe distancing observed as well as hand sanitizing.

The Kincardine Municipal Airport CYKM, is a Transport Canada registered airport located 3km north of the Municipality of Kincardine on Highway 21, managed by Phoenix Airport Management Group Inc. The airport complex occupies 120 acres, overlooking beautiful Lake Huron.  It serves as a base for sightseeing, corporate jets, air ambulance services and recreational pilots, some of whom own private hangars on the airport grounds. There are two paved runways with a full ARCAL system along with NDB and GPS LPV approaches. 

There are two runways at the Airport:

Runway 13 (127°)/31 (307°) 4085 ft X 75 ft Asphalt

Runway 05 (048°)/23(228°) 2083 ft X 50 ft Asphalt

Fuel Prices (Not including HST)

Jet A: $1.69/Lt

Avgas: $1.82/Lt


To see the NAVCANADA cameras please go to this link
 Pilot Info
 DISCLAIMER: Please reference latest issue of CFS. Please remember it is the responsibility of the PILOT IN COMMAND to ensure all pertinent data is utilized.

REF N44 12 05 W81 36 20   1.5NNE   9°W 
UTC-5(4) Elev772' A5000 L04 L06 
OPR Municipality of Kincardine 
519-396-4454 Reg
PF B-1   C-2,3,4,5,6
FIC London 866-WXBRIEF (Toll free within Canada) or 
866-541-4104 (Toll free within Canada & USA)
WX WxCam
RWY DATA Rwy 13 (127°)/31(307°)   4085x75 asphalt 
Rwy 05(048°)/23(228°)   2083x50 asphalt
RCR Opr   13-22Z‡
LIGHTING 13-(TE   ME) AP, 31-(TE   ME) AP, 05-(TE   ME), 23-(TE   ME) ARCAL-122.8 type K
ATF UNICOM (AU) ltd hrs O/T tfc 122.8 5NM 3800 ASL
NDB D7   350 (L) N44 12 12 W81 36 12 Pvt
PRO Rgt hand circuits Rwy 31 (CAR 602.96).
CAUTION Migrating birds in lic May - Sep. Lakeshore area noise sensitive dur sum months. 
Snow removal eqpt may be on rwys as rqrd dur win months.

Airport Services

24/7 card lock fuel
Conference room available for booking
Snack machines
Reading materials
Pilot Information Centre
Rent the Airport Terminal or Hangar Boardroom for conferences, meetings or special events. Call the airport at 519-396-4454 or email for information.
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For more information about Kincardine Municipal Airport contact the airport at 519-396-4454 or email us.