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Entrance/Curb Cut Permit

A driveway or an entrance is an access right that is given to the landowner by the authority in charge of the road. Entrances onto Municipal roads must therefore be approved. Entrance applications are required for:

• New construction;

• Changing design or location;

• Change in use (i.e. from agricultural to residential);

• Temporary access;

• Any work requiring the curb to cut;

An Entrance Permit Application must be submitted and approved based on the Municipality's criteria for approvals.

All entrance ways shall be constructed in a professional and responsible manner in accordance with Municipal standards and specifications following legislative safety requirements.

Instructions for completing entrance permit applications:

Ensure that the following information is complete on your Entrance Permit Application:

  • All areas of the application are complete (including mailing address with postal code and phone numbers - contact information must be current);
  • Location of the proposed entrance - lot, concession, Township, road name civic address and/or nearest 911 number (if possible) and roll number are included;
  • To facilitate site inspection, the location of the proposed entrance is to be staked;
  • A map should also accompany the application which will include lot location, road name, indication of distance from lot lines and natural features and direction.

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