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Council Info - November 22, 2023

The following is a summary of major discussion items presented at Council on November 22, 2023. Please refer to the website for the complete and official records of the meeting including consent agenda items, motions of Council, communications, detailed reports, and attachments.

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Accessibility Advisory Committee

Sharon Woods, Chair presented on the Accessibility Advisory Committee's priorities for the upcoming 2024 Municipal Budget.

Kincardine Trails Network

Dave Lafortune and Brad Kirkconnell presented on the hazard and danger tree assessment.

Hindu (Sanatan) Dharma

Chandra Shekhar

Tripathi and Priya Pandya made a delegation on Hindu Heritage Month.

Tiverton and District Lions Club

James McTeer provided an update on the fundraising of the Tiverton Splash Pad Project.

Matters for Discussion and Direction

Staff Reports

Strategic Plan Ad-Hoc Committee, Strategic Initiatives-2023-13

To identify and make recommendations regarding the process to develop a strategic plan for 2025, a Strategic Planning Ad-Hoc Committee is being proposed to provide direction on the overall framework to plan and implement a strategic planning process (see Terms of Reference). This Ad-Hoc Committee would work with staff to provide advice and recommendations on the process to develop a Strategic Plan.

Council passed a By-law to approve the Terms of Reference for the Strategic Plan Ad-Hoc Committee as amended; and appointed four Council members to the Ad-Hoc Committee Mayor Craig, Deputy Mayor Clarke, Councillor Kennedy, and Councillor Steinhoff-Grey.

Community Improvement Plan, Economic Development-2023-01

Municipal Staff receive requests from developers to provide incentives to develop or redevelop land in the Municipality of Kincardine. Without a Community Improvement Plan (CIP), the provision of incentives or waiving of fees/charges for businesses, developers and landowners is considered ‘bonusing’ and is not permitted under section 106 of the Municipal Act. A CIP is a tool that allows a municipality to direct funds and implement policy initiatives and programs to enhance development and redevelopment in a community.

Section 28 of the Planning Act gives municipalities that have enabling policies in their
Official Plans, the ability to prepare a Community Improvement Plan. Over the past year, municipal and County staff have been working together to develop a new Community Improvement Plan (CIP). The Municipality currently has a CIP that was adopted in 2008 to support the implementation of the County’s Spruce the Bruce Program in downtown Kincardine.

This CIP builds on collaboration between the Municipality and the County, providing a broader range of incentives that could support more priority areas including downtown improvements, affordable/attainable housing, industrial, highway commercial and business park development, and the agricultural sector.

Council directed staff to submit the draft Municipality of Kincardine Community Improvement Plan (CIP) to the Ontario Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing (MMAH) for review; and Further that a Public Meeting be held in early 2024 prior to the Community Improvement Plan coming forward to Council for adoption.

Deeming Bylaw – King Street, Tiverton - Kunkel, Development Services-2023-37

As a Condition of Provisional Approval (Consent) under Section 53(12) of the Planning Act, it is required that a Deeming Bylaw be passed in order deem PLAN 94 LOT 13 KING E/S; PLAN 94 LOT 12 KING; PLAN 94 LOT 11 KING E/S; and PLAN 94 LOT 10 PT LOT 9 KING (Village of Tiverton) not to be lots in a registered plan of subdivision. The removal of the lots from the plan of subdivision allows the lots to be reconfigured and a new reference plan will be registered on title. The existing lot configuration consists of three (3) lots currently fronting onto King St. known as 68, 70, and 72 King St. The passing of a deeming by-law will permit the establishment of three (3) new Residential (R1) lots fronting onto Ross St. and a portion of 72 King St. being severed and merged with 74 King St. to the south. The remainder of 72 King St will be merged to the rear of the new lots that will front onto Ross St.

Council passed a Deeming bylaw to deem PLAN 94 LOT 13 KING E/S; PLAN 94 LOT 12 KING; PLAN 94 LOT 11 KING E/S; and PLAN 94 LOT 10 PT LOT 9 KING (Village of Tiverton) not to be lots in a registered plan of subdivision.

Holding Removal Bylaw - BEC Business and Innovation Centre Inc - Farrell Drive, Development Services 2023-

A request for removal of a Holding “H” provision from the listed BEC lands has been received. The subject properties in the recommendation are currently zoned to ECI2-a-h (Energy Centre Industrial Heavy Holding Special) which is subject to a Holding “H” provision. Under By-law 2022-164, conditions were attached through the re-zoning process which required the subject lands to obtain an Archaeological Assessment for development on lands that exhibit high archaeological potential, as well as a Justification Report that demonstrates compatibility with existing uses, and in accordance with the Official Plan to the satisfaction of the Municipality. An Archaeological Assessment and Planning Justification report has been received for the designated lands, satisfying the provisional holding conditions.

Council passed a by-law for the removal of the Holding “H” provision from the following BEC lands:

22 Farrell Drive - PLAN 3M-113 LOT 12 3R-3861;PART 10, Kincardine

50 Farrell Drive - PLAN 3M-113 LOT 13 3R-3861;PART 9, Kincardine

64 Farrell Drive - PLAN 3M-113 LOT 14 3R-3861;PART 7, Kincardine

131 Farrell Drive - PLAN 3M-113 LOT 2, Kincardine

Addendum Items

Recreation Survey

Council approved a motion to extend the deadline for the Municipality of Kincardine - Parks and Recreation Strategic Plan – Survey ( for two weeks past the current deadline of November 27, 2023.

Birchwood Trail

The Director of Community Services provided an update on the public walkway between 207/209 Birchwood.

Consideration of By-laws

Appoint Integrity Commissioner By-law

Council approved the “Integrity Commissioner Appointment (Principals Integrity) By-law” be deemed to be read a first, second and third time, finally passed and numbered as By-law No. 2023 -189

Matters for Information

Consent Agenda

Items listed under the Consent Agenda are considered routine and are enacted in one motion as a Matter Arising. The exception to this rule is that a Council member or the Chief Administrative Officer may request one or more items to be removed from the consent agenda for separate discussion and action.

Statistical and Information Reports

Recommendation: Receive and file statistical reports.

Integrated Strategy Progress Update, Strategic Initiatives-2023-12

The Integrated Strategy brings together the key priorities from the organization’s Strategic and Comprehensive Plans. It provides a focused road map that aligns the major initiatives and priorities from across the organization. This Integrated Strategy does not include everything the Municipality does in the community. Rather, it identifies and connects the new or ongoing priorities that the organization is working on to provide quality services that address the needs of our citizens, provide long-term sustainability, and improve the well-being of the community. The purpose of this report is to provide highlights of the significant work accomplished in each of the focus areas identified in the Integrated Strategy.

Closed meeting

Mayor Craig reported that Council held a closed session pursuant to Section 239 (2) of the Municipal Act, 2001, and:

1) Approved the closed session minutes dated November 8, 2023;

2) Considered proposed acquisition of land at by the Municipality and directed staff to place a by-law on the open meeting agenda to consider an acquisition of Part of Lot 1, Plan 157, designated as Part 1 on Reference Plan 3R10795 (Tiverton), Municipality of Kincardine being Part of PIN 33287-0254(LT). The By-law considered and approved in open session;

3) Considered the Organizational Review (Labour relations and employee negotiations). This was for information only and no direction was provided to staff;

4) Considered a human resources matter (Personal matters about an identifiable individual) This matter was for information only and no direction was provided to staff.

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