The Municipality of Kincardine has retained the consulting firm of McQueen Galloway Associates (MGA) to lead the creation of a new, long-range Parks and Recreation Strategic Plan.

This Strategic Plan will be a guiding light that will drive future actions on all aspects of recreational infrastructure development and service provision across the range of indoor and outdoor assets in the Municipality. The plan will help define goals, objectives, and priorities for the short-, medium-, and long-term that will meet community needs.

It will serve as a rallying point for all community recreational pursuits and will be instrumental in supporting a healthy, vibrant community and improve residents’ quality of life. Broadly, the objectives of the Strategic Plan are: 

  • Identify the Municipality’s needs for current and future residents.
  • Complete a full inventory of recreational facilities and open space and conduct a service and programming delivery review. 
  • Ensure financial sustainability.
  • Align the Plan with the Municipality’s other guiding documents and overall Strategic Plan.
  • Develop a framework for facility optimization, organizational options, financial modelling, funding, and revenue generating opportunities.

Engagement Opportunities

Make sure your voice is heard by participating in engagement opportunities. It will help to ensure that this Parks and Recreation Strategic Plan is a plan that’s truly created and made by the Municipality of Kincardine community and recreation operators.

In-Person Workshop & Virtual Engagement Sessions

 We had a great turnout for our engagement session on September 20th! The engagement included a short presentation of the preliminary observations on parks, trails, recreation facilities (indoor and outdoor), sports fields, plus program and events delivery. Then as groups we completed a SOAR (strength, opportunities, aspirations, and result exercise) and then shared the results with each other and follow up with next steps for this important project. 

Click here to see what we have heard from the community so far!

Next up, we had a second engagement session at the Davidson Centre on October 4th at 7pm, where MGA shared what they have heard in all of our engagement sessions, validated and prioritized what has been collected so far, and thought about where we are going to be in the next 10 years! 

Click here to see the slides shared at the engagement! 

Online Survey

The online survey was open until December 11th, 2023. We received over 700 responses and we're now reviewing the information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: A Parks Strategic Plan was completed a few years ago, why are shelling out for another plan? 

A: The Municipality of Kincardine completed a Parks and Recreation Strategic Plan in 2017, but it was never adopted by Council at that time. Components of that plan are being used as the groundwork for this one as well. Additionally, with a growing and changing community, it is beneficial to have one that is as current and up-to date as possible, in order to be most reflective of the Municipality.

Q: How do we choose the consultant we work with for a project?
A: The consultant was chosen through a competitive Request for Proposal (RFP) process that took place in June, in accordance with our procurement policy.

Q: Can we get an estimate as to what the cost of the Strategic Plan will be? 
A: Council approved $50,000 for the completion of a Parks and Recreation Strategic Plan.

Q: Does this plan include Tiverton and it's needs? 
A: The Parks and Recreation Strategic Plan is going to encompass the Municipality of Kincardine in it’s entirety which includes Tiverton.

Media Releases and Project Updates

Media Releases