The Heritage Conservation District (HCD) study was initiated by the Municipality of Kincardine in the summer of 2019 and Stantec Consulting Ltd. was retained to complete the project. In order to understand its character, the HCD study will identify and evaluate heritage resources, including buildings, landscapes, and streetscapes in the following areas:

  • Princes Street (from Lambton Street south to 669 Princes Street); 
  • Durham Market North; 
  • Durham Market South; 
  • Queen Street (from Lambton to Durham Market South).

The goal of the study is to determine whether this area warrants designation as an HCD under Part V of the Ontario Heritage Act. 

At their December 16, 2019 meeting Council passed a resolution to recieve the Heritage Conservation District Study and to consider Phase II - The HCD Plan as part of the 2020 budget. 

 What is a Heritage Conservation District? 
An HCD is an area that is protected by a municipal by-law passed by the Municipality of Kincardine under Part V of the Ontario Heritage Act. An HCD provides a framework for protecting and conserving heritage resources by creating policies and guidelines to manage change and new development within the district. 

HCDs are not intended to stop all change or “freeze” a place within a specific time period. Instead, they are an important community tool for balancing the ongoing needs for property maintenance and development while conserving the features that define the District’s history. Every HCD is unique and reflects the history and values of the community within which it is located.

The HCD Study is the first stage of a two-phase process; it will identify elements of the community that define the historical and architectural character of the study area. The report will recommend whether the study area, or parts of it, should be designated as an HCD. If the findings determine that the area has merit, Council may choose to proceed with the second Phase. This involves preparing a plan and guidelines to manage change in the area and adopting the municipal by-law associated with district designation under the Ontario Heritage Act. 

It is important to note that at this time, the Municipality of Kincardine and Stantec are only working on the first phase of the process; no policies or guidelines are created during this phase.

 Where can I learn more? 
Are you interested in learning more about HCD’s? Here are some helpful links:

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Public Input

Public input is key to the HCD study. Residents and business owners in the study area, the community and local knowledge experts will be consulted throughout the duration of the study.  

Please keep an eye on the municipal website, Facebook, Twitter and local newspapers for updates and opportunities to participate.  

For more information about participating in the HCD Study, please check or contact Jennifer Lawrie, Deputy Clerk at or 519-396-3468 ext. 7111.

Public Notice Information on the field work being completed during the week of September 9-13, 2019. (Note: Property Owners in the Study area will recieve copies of the notice by mail)

Public Information Centre #1 Wednesday October 2, 2019 Kincardine Centre for the Arts, 707 Queen Street, 6 - 8 p.m. Drop-in Session Display Boards

Public Information Centre #2 Monday November 18, 2019 Kincardine Library, 727 Queen Street, 6-8 p.m. Drop-in Session Display Boards

This public information centre focused on the Draft Heritage Conservation District (HCD) Study Report, outlining the findings and recommendations of the consulting team. It will be your chance to provide input on the draft report, including proposed boundaries, statement of significance, heritage attributes and objectives of an HCD.

Council Review of Draft HCD Study Monday December 16, 2019 Municipal Administration Centre, Council Chambers, 1475 Concession 5, RR #5 Kincardine, 5 p.m. 

The Final Draft of the Heritage Conservation District Study, dated December 6, 2019, outlining the findings and recommendations of the consulting team is now available online. Council will review the study at the December 16, 2019 Committee of the Whole meeting at the Municipal Administration Centre. 

December 16, 2019 - At their December 16, 2019 meeting Council passed a resolution to receive the Heritage Conservation District Sudy and to consider Phase II - The HCD Plan as part of the 2020 budget. 


 aerial imageHeritage Conservation map

 Heritage Conservation map