Many fun and exciting events are hosted across the Municipality of Kincardine throughout the year.

Visit our Community Happenings Calendar to see what's going on!  

Hosting an Event?

All events, whether indoor, outdoor, or private, may require some paper work. See below for details.

If it's an event that takes place on property owned or operated by the Municipality of Kincardine, you will need to approval(s). Ideally, we request a minimum of 90 days prior to the date of the event to review the information for necessary approvals. 

Step 1 - Facility Request

If you're wanting to hold your event in a park on or on property owned by the Municipality of Kincardine, you'll want to ensure it's available for your desired date(s).

This can include:

  • Facility and/or Room Rentals
  • Sports Fields
  • Waterfront Areas and/or Beaches
  • Parks/Open Spaces

For a complete listing, please visit our Parks and Facilities page. If you're ready to book a location, please fill out a Facilities Rental Form.

Step 2 - Special Events Application

We recommend you take the time to review the Special Event Planning Guide and the Special Events Policy to help you plan your event. 

You need to fill out a Special Events Application if your event:

  • Is held on Municipal Property
  • Requires a Road Closure
  • Serves alcohol
  • Includes fireworks or pyrotechnics
  • Is an animal show or demonstration
  • Serves food (for sale or free)
  • Sound amplification (live or recorded)
  • Open fire/flame-producing devices or appliances
  • Tents that may require Building Permits and a Safety Plan (equal to or greater than 60 m2)
  • Stages that may require Building Permits and a Safety Plan (equal to or greater than 225 m2)
  • Projected attendance of over 350 people per day
  • Your event is being hosted indoors at a Municipal facility and staff has requested one from the organizers

Events on Private Property

You need to fill out a Special Events Application even if your event is held on private property when it has a significant impact on municipal services. Affected services can include but are not limited to Fire, Police, Public Works, and Emergency Services.

When a Special Events Application Isn't Needed

If you are holding an event on private property for invited guests only (like a wedding, birthday party, organization or family picnic) or will not significantly impact municipal services, you don't need to fill out an application.

Still Have Questions?

Please, reach out to us by e-mail or give us a call at 519-396-3468. We're happy to help!

Additional Resources

You may need some additional permits or permissions depending on the size of your event.

Food Vendors

If you are a food vendor, hot dog cart, or other type of refreshment vehicle, you must follow the requirements in the Refreshment Vehicle By-Law.

You must receive written permission from the special event organizers to sell within their event. You do not require a municipal refreshment vehicle licence if you are only at a special event. You will, however, need to complete a Refreshment Vehicle Special Event application.