The Municipality of Kincardine is a host to many fun and exciting events each year.

Current Events

To see what events are happening or to add a community event in the Municipality of Kincardine please visit our Community Happenings Calendar.

Host an event

If you are planning a special event on municipal property, using municipal resources, or are requesting a by-law exemption, you will need to follow the Special Events Policy.

Apply for a Special Event

You can learn more to help plan your event from the Special Event Planning Guide.

Complete the Special Event Application. If you have questions, or need assistance with the completion of the application form, contact the Tourism Coordinator for more information.

More information

Additional event documentation and resources:

Food vendors

If you are a food vendor, hot dog cart or other type of refreshment vehicle, you must follow the requirements in the Refreshment Vehicle By-law. You must receive written permission from the special event organizers to sell within their event. You do not require a municipal refreshment vehicle licence if you are only at a special event. You will however need to complete the required application.