Kindog Park

This Off-Leash Dog Park opened in the summer of 2009 through the efforts of KinDOG (Kincardine Dog Owners Group) and has been well received by dogs and owners alike!

The dog park is located beside the soccer fields on Bruce Avenue 440 Bruce Avenue.

The fenced area allows your dog(s) to get the exercise they need, especially after that long car ride up to the cottage!

Owners are asked to abide by all rules to ensure a safe and friendly environment for all dogs and their owners!

Park Rules

Open sunrise to sunset

No aggressive dogs allowed

An adult must supervise children under twelve

No puppies under four months, female dogs in heat, or un-neutered males

No prong collars or choke chains allowed in the park

All dogs must be licensed and have up to date shots

Leash your dog when entering and exiting park

Respect the rights of others

Clean up after your dog (scoop and dispose in waste bins at the parking lot)

Fill/repair any holes or damage your dog creates

No toys, food, (people or dog) smoking or breakables allowed in park

All dog owners/park users assume all risk associated with the off leash area and are subject to the Ontario Dog Owner's Liability Act

Be safe and have fun!