The Municipality of Kincardine has many designated heritage homes. These homes are designated to recognize and protect their cultural heritage value or interest. They have a brass plaque which identifies the property as a heritage property.

Our Designated Heritage Property Listing includes a photo, description and by-law number for each property.

Facts about Owning a Designated Home

Owners of Designated Homes are:

  • Not prohibited from making alternations;
  • Not required to restore their building to its original condition;
  • Not required to open their property to the public;
  • Not restricted from routine maintenance or minor repairs.

Designation does

  • Not restrict the use or zoning of a property;
  • Not restrict the sale of the property, or lower property values.

Making Alterations to Designated Heritage Properties

A Heritage Permit Application is required to make alterations to the heritage attributes of a building. They are listed in the designation by-law for each property.

The Heritage Permit Application is reviewed by Heritage Kincardine. They provide a recommendation to the Clerk regarding the application. The Clerk has been designated the authority by Council to approve or deny applications.

Minor alterations and regular maintenance to a designated property, including choice of paint colour, do not require prior approval. Alterations to the interior of the building do not require approval if the interior is not listed in the designation by-law.

Alterations to heritage homes are encouraged to conserve, preserve and restore the heritage attributes.

Application for designation

You can request designation of your property under Section 29 (1) of the Ontario Heritage Act. You will need to fill out the Heritage Designation Application Form.


This form requires information on the architecture, history and context of the property as well as the reason that designation is being sought. If you require assistance in completing the form, please contact the Deputy Clerk.

To learn more about Designating Heritage Properties from the Ontario Heritage Tool Kit

Guidelines for Signage on Heritage Properties

The Guidelines for Signage on Heritage Properties Policy GG.3.14 are based on those of the Ontario Heritage Trust and will be utilized by Heritage Kincardine when reviewing signage applications.

All signage on heritage buildings/properties must also conform to the Municipality of Kincardine Sign By-law No. 2003-136 as amended from time to time and the Ontario Building Code. A permit may be required for signage on heritage properties.

Insurance and Heritage Properties

The Insurance and Heritage Properties guide provided by the Province's Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport provides answers to questions such as "Will heritage designation make my property insurance premiums go up?" and "What happens if a building is destroyed by fire, or some other accident? Would it have to be rebuilt as it was?".

Heritage Registry

The Municipality of Kincardine's Heritage Registry is a list of culturally or historically important properties. It includes:

  • Properties designated under Section 29(1) of the Ontario Heritage Act;
  • Non-designated properties that may have cultural heritage value or interest.

Non-designated properties

Owners of properties listed on the Heritage Registry must provide the Municipality with 60 days notice of intent to demolish.

Being listed on the Heritage Register does not mean your property is being designated.

There are no restrictions on alterations to properties listed on the Heritage Registry.

Heritage plaque

Celebrate built heritage in the Municipality of Kincardine and those who founded and developed it by purchasing a heritage plaque for your home.

Each 11.75” x 17.75” plaque includes:

  • the year the home was built;
  • the original owner's name;
  • the original owner's occupation.

The cost to purchase a plaque is $92.00. The Heritage Plaque Application Form.

They are mounted on the outside of the home to allow residents and visitors alike to learn more about our local heritage.


Buildings must be one of the following to apply for a plaque

  • built before 1910;
  • designated under Section 29(1) of the Ontario Heritage Act;
  • listed on the heritage registry.