The Municipality of Kincardine has developed several plans over the past years to assist Council in determining community priorities and making budget decisions.  

In the 2019 budget, monies were included for both Corporate and Economic Development Strategic Plans.  The Municipality has been, and is continuing to experience a period of rapid growth and must develop plans to allow the community to attract new businesses, support the growth of existing businesses, maintain existing service and infrastructure levels and recreational and cultural programming.  The concurrent development of a Corporate Plan and an Economic Development Strategic Plan was a necessary step to continue the support of strategic growth in the community, while delivering appropriate and effective services to residents, visitors and businesses. 

The Municipality of Kincardine Council adopted the Corporate Strategic Plan 2020-2025 By-law and the Economic Development Strategy 2020-2025 By-law on March 2, 2020.

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Integrated Strategy- Progress Update

Corporate Strategic Plan 2020-2025 and Appendix

Corporate Strategic Plan 2020-2025  (Short version)

Economic Development Strategy 2020-2025

Integrated Strategy 2020-2025

Integrated Strategy 2020-2025 (Short version)