Council is to represent the public considering the well being and interests of the Municipality and to make decisions regarding the services provided by the Municipality from 2018-2022.

Council contact

The Council of the Municipality of Kincardine has nine members.


Message from the Mayor

Mayor Anne EadieWelcome to our Municipality of Kincardine website!

As the Mayor of the Municipality of Kincardine, I would like to invite you to visit our lakeside municipality with its magnificent beaches, amazing Lake Huron sunsets, entertaining festivals, hiking trails and other attractions. We have a thriving agricultural industry based on the hard work of previous generations and very productive farmland. We also are fortunate to have successful companies and businesses that provide many of our residents with good employment. I love living here in the Municipality of Kincardine and I invite you to learn more about our community by checking out other links on this website.

Our people are our greatest strength!

Many residents can trace their roots back to pioneer times in Bruce County.

Other residents have moved in from all over the world to work in the nuclear industry which makes our rural community of 12,000 very diverse and unique. We also welcome new ideas and enthusiasm from our seasonal residents and tourists who like to take advantage of the natural beauty of our area. Our vision is summed up in this mantra – “Great energy – balanced life!”

On behalf of the members of Council and staff of the Municipality of Kincardine, I wish you all the best in 2019.

Anne Eadie



519-396-3468 Ext 7135

Deputy Mayor


Councillor-At-Large (3)

Home: 519-396-4636 Cell: 519-389-8411

Ward 1 Councillor (2)

Maureen Couture

Home:519-396-3629 Cell: 519-389-8029


Gerry Glover

Ward 2 Councillor

Bill Stewart

Home:519-368-5572 Cell:416-788-7087


Ward 3 Councillor

Randy Roppel


Meeting schedule

The schedule of Council and Committee meetings can be found on the Council and Committees Calendar.

Appear before Council

You may participate in a Council/Committee of the Whole meeting through correspondence, Public Forum or as a Delegation.

Code of Conduct-Council and Members of Local Boards

The Council of the Municipality of Kincardine has adopted Code of Conduct-Council and Members of Local Boards.  The Code of Conduct demonstrates Council’s commitment to achieving the highest standards of conduct which is essential to maintaining and ensuring public trust and confidence in the Municipality’s decision-making and operations.  Council and Local Board members shall act in an accountable and responsible manner, with integrity and fairness in the decision-making process.

The Municipality appointed Harold G. Elston as Integrity Commissioner.  The role of the Integrity Commissioner is to help ensure that Members of Council and Local Boards perform their functions in accordance with the Code of Conduct, and other procedures, rules or policies governing their ethical behaviour.  The application process to the Integrity Commissioner is included in the Code of Conduct policy.

 Declaration of Interest Registry

View the Municipality of Kincardine's Declaration of Pecuniary Interest.