The Municipality of Kincardine is pleased to share our local environmental initiatives with you. 

Please check back often as this page will be updated as new projects are undertaken and information is available.

 Kincardine Community Environment Committee

The Kincardine Community Environment Committee provides advice to Council on environmental stewardship. 

They assist municipal staff with the protection, restoration and conservation of the natural environment in the municipality.  

green business

 Green Cone Digesters

Green Cone Digesters are now available for purchase at the Kincardine Waste Management Centre.

The Municipality of Kincardine in conjunction with the County of Bruce now has a limited quantity of green cones for purchase.


The Green Cone Digester is a smart, easy-to-use, efficient household tool, which reduces waste and eliminates most of the problem of food disposal. It’s a clean, healthy way to minimize your family’s kitchen trash while helping the environment. 






Red Meat & Poultry

All Bones

Breads and pastas

Fruit including peelings

Vegetables including peelings


Cooked & spoiled food scraps

Crushed egg shells

Tea bags

Animal excrement










Grass cuttings

Hedge clippings

Bulk oil

Disinfectant & bleaches

Special treatment items


The cost per unit is $99.00 +HST (available for purchase during KWMC hours)

For more information on the green cone and installation details follow the link below.




 Rain Barrel Sale

The Municipality of Kincardine Community Environment Committee is coordinating a rain barrel sale.


Order your barrel NOW (only $55 per barrel!)

The pick-up date and location:

Kincardine Public Works Yard
140 Valentine Ave
Kincardine ON

Saturday April 24th 2021 from 9:00am-11:00am

All proceeds from the sale go to support installing additional public water bottle filling stations in the Municipality of Kincardine.        


For more information, please see Information Sheet




 Tall Tree Sale 

 Tree Planting Instructions

tree sale

 Invasive Species

Phragmites Australis

Invasive Phragmites Management Plan for the Municipality of Kincardine 


 Water Bottle Filling Station
 **Please check back for more information
 Garbage Clean Up Days

 Local community Group Kincardine Strong are hosting a 'Community Clean-Up' open until April 18th 2021

 Register using this link

 Electric Car Charging Station
 **Information is being updated.  Please check back soon!
 Film Plastics Recycling Program
The Municipality of Kincardine is pleased to announce that a Film Plastics Recycling Program has been implemented in Kincardine.  There will be 2 (Yellow) Film Plastics collection bins at each of the 2 drop off locations which will be emptied regularly by Grey Bruce Trash Taxi.

Film Plastics Recycling Locations:

1. Kincardine Waste Management Centre: 437 Sideroad 15, Armow - during regular operating hours

2. East Parking Lot-Kincardine Soccer Fields: 440 Bruce Avenue, Kincardine - 24 hours

Please familiarize yourself with which film plastics are acceptable (and not acceptable) for collection in these film plastics collection bins.  We endeavour to keep these collection bins free of contamination in order to keep this environmentally friendly program running permanently.

Accepted Film Plastics