COVID-19 UPDATE: All active Municipality of Kincardine Cemeteries will be available for interments. Please contact the Cemetery Superintendent and your funeral home on current restrictions as they may change from day to day during the COVID-19 Pandemic. 

 The Municipality of Kincardine owns and manages the following Cemeteries:

Active Cemeteries:

Kincardine Cemetery

294 Bruce Avenue, Kincardine

Status: Active. Burial plots and columbarium niches available.

Tiverton Cemetery

45 King St, Tiverton

Status: Active. Burial plots and columbarium niches available.

Port Bruce Cemetery

1674 Concession 6

Status: Active. Burial plots only available.

Inactive Cemeteries :

Armow Methodist

777 Concession 7, Armow

Status: Inactive

Bervie United Old Methodist

4895 Highway 9, Bervie

Status: Inactive

Bervie Anglican

4896 Highway 9, Bervie

Status: Inactive

Queen Hill

Concession 14 Pt Lot 18

Status: Inactive

Bervie Presbyterian

4776 Highway 9, Bervie

Status: Inactive

Evangelical United Brethren

Concession 4 Pt Lot 11

Status: Inactive

Shiloh Community (Old Willow Creek)

Concession 5, Lot 23

Status: Inactive

Evans Cemetery

Concession 2, Lot 31

Status: Inactive

Thede Cemetery

Concession 14, Lot 24

Status: Inactive

Presbyterian Church Glammis

Concession 12, Pt Lot 34

Status: Inactive

McKay Cemetery

Concession 2, Pt Lot 34

Status: Inactive

Hours of Operation

Kincardine/Tiverton/Port Bruce Cemetery Inquiries: 8:30 am to 4:30 pm Monday to Friday

Contact: Cemetery Records/Administration or phone 519-396-3468 ext 7122

Kincardine Cemetery Office Hours: 8:30 am to 4:30 pm Monday to Friday from April 1st - November 30th

Contact: Paul Lajeunesse, Cemetery Superintendent at 519-396-8496


Contact the Municipal Administration Office to:

  • Arrange a burial
  • Make an appointment
  • Obtain information or a copy of the Cemetery By-law
  • Purchase full burial lots, cremation lots, and columbarium niches
  • Search for a grave location

Make an appointment

  • As staff availability varies at each cemetery, please contact the Cemeteries Administration Office to make an appointment. We recommend making an appointment before you arrive to ensure staff can meet with you.

Seasonal Maintenance April 1 st to November 30 th

Winter operations (December 1st to March 31st) are performed based upon request for offseason burial. No other maintenance is performed during this time.


What fees are associated with purchasing a grave, niche, or other cemetery services?

Please refer to the Fee By-law schedule ‘D'.

What does interment rights of a grave entitle you to?

Only the person whose name is on the deed has the right to be buried or to allow any burials in that grave.

How can I get a deed transferred?

Transferring ownership of a deed is unique for every transaction. For assistance and forms please call Cemetery Admin contact 519-396-3468 ext. 3.

How do I purchase a grave?

Arrange a meeting at the cemetery to view the areas available by calling the Cemetery Superintendent at 519-396-8496.

What are my purchase options?

  1. Ground Burials

At all three cemeteries, you can purchase single graves that can accommodate one casket and (4) four cremated remains or (4) four cremated remains.

  1. Cremation

At all three cemeteries you can purchase cremation burial graves, which will accommodate two (2) cremated remains. The Kincardine and Tiverton Cemeteries have columbaria, which are above ground structures specially designed to hold containers of cremated remains. A niche is an individual compartment in a columbarium that accommodate three (3) cremated remains, which must be approved by the Cemetery Superintendent.

What time can we visit the cemetery?

The cemeteries are open daily, seven days a week, from 7:00 a.m. until sundown. Cemetery roads are not maintained during winter months, unless there is a burial.

Are there any specifications that I need to know before I purchase a monument?

Monuments are to be made of granite, marble with no vertical joint and no ornament of stone, metal or other material attached.

For more details, please call the cemetery supervisor at 519-396-8496. Refer to schedules ‘A' ‘B' and ‘C' of the Cemetery By-law.

What can I place and/or plant at the grave?

Please refer to the Cemetery By-law, item 3.2 and 3.6. All items are subject to the approval of the Cemetery Superintendent.

Where can I find out more information on funerals and burials?

For more information visit the Funeral, Burial and Cremation Services Act or the Bereavement Authority of Ontario.