Members of certain Municipal committees may attend an open meeting electronically. It can be by telephone or video conference. 

An application must be submitted to the Clerk’s Department. The application must be received no less than two (2) working days prior to the scheduled meeting.

Committee members attending electronically do not count for quorum.

Committee members are responsible for providing their own method of transmission to the Municipality.Any costs associated with attending electronically shall be borne by the Committee members.

Electronic participation is detailed in the Municipality of Kincardine Procedure By-law No. 2013-161.

 Eligible Committees
 Committees with
  • 5 or 6 appointed members – one member may attend electronically
  • 7 or more appointed members – two members may attend electronically
 Not Eligible Committees
 Committees with 4 or fewer appointed members and the following committees are not eligible
  • Committee of Adjustment & Property Standards
  • Compliance Audit Committee
  • Emergency Management Program Committee
  • Fence Viewers
  • Police Services Board
 Number of times a member may participate electronically
 The number of times a member may participate electronically is determined by the number of meetings a committee has a year.
  • 6 or less meetings per year – once per year
  • More than 6 meetings per year – two times per year
 Rights of members

Committee members attending electronically shall have all the rights and powers as a members in attendance in person, including moving/seconding a motion, participating in debate and voting privileges.

Committee members attending electronically do not count for quorum. 

The Chair of the meeting must be present in person. The Chair of the Committee may attend electronically however, may not chair the meeting.  

 Operational Protocols 

A full list of operational protocols for Electronic Meeting Participation by Committee members can be found in the Municpality of Kincardine Procedure By-law No. 2013-161  Appendix "B". Here are some of the highlights.

  • Members should dress (if video conference) and act as though in attendance in person
  • Members are reponsible for ensuring there is no background noise at their location that would interfere with the meeting
  • Committee members must connect electronically no later than 15 mintues prior to the commencement of the meeting
  • Members must announce their departure prior to leaving the meeting
  • If electronic connection is lost during a meeting, no effort will be made to reconnect and the member attending the meeting shall be considered to have left the meeting at the point of disconnection
  • Members attending electronically shall verbally announce their vote
  • The Municipality's conference phone system will be used for those attending via telephone

  • For video conferencing, the Municipality shall provide the means to receive the transmission from members attending electronically.  The choice of software options is not restricted for Committee members, however, the chosen option must be compatible with the Municipality’s systems.