The Municipality of Kincardine offers several different waste diversion and recycling programs to our rate payers. For more information on the various waste diversion programs, please see below: 

 Lightbulb Recycling
Your household fluorescent tubes and lightbulbs are accepted at the Kincardine Waste Management Centre. The tubes/bulbs are taken to a facility where mercury and other hazardous chemicals are properly disposed of.
Mattress and Box Spring Recycling Program
Mattresses and box springs are segregated at the Landfill and can be recycled during landfill hours, Rates and Fees By-law schedule ‘K' for current rate.
Battery Recycling Program

Your batteries can be dropped off at the Kincardine Waste Management Centre.

Battery recycling includes every type of battery (power tool batteries, car batteries, etc.), not just household, plus smoke detector recycling.

Ontario Tire Stewardship 

Tires can be brought to the site during regular landfill hours at NO COST. Tires are preferred in "off rim" and clean condition.

Freon Units

Freon units, air conditioners, fridges, freezers, water coolers and dehumidifiers will be accepted at the landfill site. Please refer to the Rates and Fees By-law schedule ‘K' for disposal rate.

Propane Tanks & Fire Extinguishers

Tanks that are empty of all propane will be accepted at the landfill site, and then are properly recycled. Discharged fire extinguishers are also accepted.

Ontario Electronic Stewardship 

Electrical waste and electronic equipment are accepted at the Kincardine Waste Management Centre (Armow).

The Ontario Electronic Stewardship's Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment program helps you to make the right decision for the environment and keep old computers, televisions and electronics out of the landfill.

Scrap Metal

Scrap Metal is accepted free of charge at the Kincardine Waste Management Centre (Armow), with the exception of units containing freon.

Farm Plastics

Twine, Bale wrap, silage bags and bunker covers can be recycled free of charge using a designated collection bag (they are available for pick up at all participating collection sites).

SHAKE OR SWEEP out material, removing as much debris, dirt or ice/snow as possible.

BAG each material separately. 

*Bale wrap rolled up and placed in bag

*Pieces of silage bags/covers placed in bag

*Do not overfill or overload bags, can be returned half full if too heavy

*RETURN bags of material to local collection site

Construction Materials

All wood, from construction scraps to broken furniture can be recycled for a fee. 

Shingles and drywall can be recycled for a fee, all material must be carefully sorted.