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July 2019 update: After several years working closely with local communities, EPCOR has received Ontario Energy Board (OEB) approval of our Leave to Construct application. This approval means we have the go-ahead to construct and operate the natural gas distribution system. Read the EPCOR July 2019 Customer Newsletter and July 2019 Notice of Construction.

Between now and 2021, we will be working to construct the distribution system and connect customers in Chesley, Paisley, Inverhuron, Tiverton, Kincardine, Lurgan Beach, Point Clark, Ripley, Lucknow and the Bruce Energy Centre.  

EPCOR's distribution system will consist of 2 components:

The Ontario Energy Board (OEB) awarded EPCOR the project in April 2018, and approved our Leave to Construct application in July 2019. The board is currently reviewing our Rates Application. 

Pipeline routes

The mainline will commence at Dornoch at an interconnection with Union Gas and will extend westerly from Dornoch to the Bruce Energy Centre, then extending south to serve Inverhuron, Tiverton, Kincardine Lurgan Beach and Point Clark. The mainline will then extend east to serve Ripley and Lucknow. The map below illustrates the routing of this mainline. Click the image to view it larger.


The route selection process

When developing route options, our goal is to identify a preferred route with lower levels of overall impact. We consider several factors, including: 


Under our current timeline, we expect to begin connecting our first customers by the end of this year. In 2020 and 2021 we will bring more communities onto the natural gas distribution system. We anticipate bringing the full system in-service by the end of 2021. Construction will be completed in phases. At each step, we will notify local stakeholders of construction activities and strive to minimize any potential impacts.


EPCOR Natural Gas Update April 2020