The Municipality of Kincardine Community Fund (KCF) provides annual grants to local non-profit groups. Your non-profit group may be able to apply for monies to support a local project or program.

The Community Fund is a permanent endowed fund. Grants are made from the interest earned while the investment continues to grow. The Community Foundation Grey Bruce financially manages the Fund.

How does it work?

Your donation to the Kincardine Community Fund is invested within a pool of other funds under the umbrella of the Community Foundation Grey Bruce. A donation to the fund is never spent but continues to grow and give year after year. The yearly income earned from the capital of the Fund is distributed through grants to applicable local not-for-profit organizations.

Get involved

Apply for Grants

Apply through the Community Foundation of Grey Bruce.


Three easy ways to donate:


Or you may choose to make a gift of:

  • Monthly or annual contributions;
  • Bequests;
  • A Life Insurance Policy;
  • Annuities;
  • Real estate;
  • Appreciated securities/assets;
  • A Trust;
  • Memorial or remembrance gifts; and/or
  • In lieu of gifts for weddings, birthdays, etc.

For these types of gifts, please contact the Licencing and Administration Clerk or Community Foundation of Grey Bruce for assistance.

Donor benefits

  • Your gift specifically benefits the local community.
  • Maximize your impact – 100% of your donation is invested in the Fund. Your original donation remains intact forever.
  • Your legacy grows through investment.
  • You may receive a tax receipt for your gift.
  • Reducing non-profit reliance on government funding.
  • Allowing volunteers to skip fundraising and focus on delivering programs and services.
  • Giving is contagious – You set an example for and inspire those around you.

Charitable number

Charitable Number: 14103 6228 RR0001


You might be interested in volunteering your time or talents to support the efforts of the Kincardine Community Fund Committee. There are opportunities to contribute whatever you have to offer. Please contact the Licencing and Administration Clerk to discuss areas that interest you.


Your business may wish to sponsor one of the many Kincardine Community Fund fundraising or outreach events. If you have a product, service to offer or wish to make a financial contribution, please contact the Licencing and Administration Clerk.

Current Events

Stay tuned for future events!

Recent Events

The Kincardine Community Fund Committee would like to thank the many individuals, businesses and organizations that supported the Committee's activities and growth throughout the year. 

In 2018, events and activities included partnering with the 2018 Old Boys & Girls Reunion on Caesar Sunday and other activities, guest hosting a Trivia Night at the Royal Canadian Legion Branch #183, hosting a Sweetheart Soiree evening with the Lighthouse Swing Band, the annual Cardboard Boat Races and participation in Random Acts of Kindness Day. These activities would not be possible without the partnerships and support within the local community. 

In 2019, the Fund hosted the fourth annual Cardboard Boat Race event on August 17, 2019.  Two events were held in October, the first was a complimentary Estate Management/Will Planning Seminar for local residents, featuring local experts on the topics of Power of Attorney, Executors, tax implications and more.  For the second event, the Committee partnered with the Community Foundation of Grey Bruce and the Grey Bruce Health Services Charitable Foundation to provide a Lunch and Learn Event for Professional Financial Advisors.  

On November 1st, the Kincardine Community Fund Committee encouraged the community celebrate the Kincardine Kindness Day, a day to foster a sense of belonging and well-being throughout the community. Residents performed a deliberate act of kindness for a neighbor, friend, co-worker or a complete stranger and encouraged them to pay that kindness forward when they can.  A reminder that it costs nothing to be kind, and kindness is contagious.

Thank you for recognizing the value of creating a sustainable source of financial support for local non-profit groups.

 National Philanthropy Day

November 15 is National Philanthropy Day, and the Committee is celebrating all month with an awareness campaign. 

Here is a calendar of ideas on how you can participate in Philanthropy all month. 

Philanthropy: (noun)

1): Goodwill to fellow members of the human race especially: active effort to promote human welfare.

2): A: an act or gift done or made for humanitarian purposes

      B: an organization distributing or supported by funds set aside for humanitarian purposes.


The Kincardine Community Fund Committee through November will be sharing articles on what Philanthropy means and how you too can become a philanthropist. 

Charity vs Philanthropy - Article #1

Gifts of Reputation - Article #2

Gifts of Time - Article #3

Gifts of Wealth - Article #4

Philanthropic Planning - Article #5


Giving Tuesday - November 30, 2021

Donation link:


The Kincardine Community Fund is a way to ensure your legacy of giving.  It is a promise that your donation will benefit the local community for years to come.