Municipal services touch the lives of every Kincardine resident and visitor to our community.  Addressing social inequities will ensure that our services address the needs of all our citizens, providing long-term sustainability, and improving the well-being of the community.

The Municipality of Kincardine has committed to developing an Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Access (IDEA) Strategy to ensure the organization strengthens diversity in the workforce and implements inclusive processes, policies, programs and services to improve community well-being. 

Establishment of a Community Advisory Committee

In order to develop the most relevant and meaningful priorities and actions for the Municipality to focus on in the short and long term, community engagement and advice is needed. One concrete way to do this is through the establishment of a Community Advisory Committee. The terms of reference for this Community Advisory Committee can be found here.  

The Municipality of Kincardine is currently looking for people who are interested in participating on this IDEA Advisory Committee.  

To put your name forward please complete this application. Should you have any questions contact Lorie Fioze.

Details about the IDEA AC

The Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Access Advisory Committee (IDEA AC) is an advisory committee of Council with a mandate to provide feedback, guidance and support to improve diversity, inclusion and equitywithin the Municipality of Kincardine. 

Membership Composition 

Membership will be up to (12) twelve members from the community representing a broad range of equity seeking residents such as, but not limited to: 

  • Indigenous peoples 
  • Newcomers, new Canadians 
  • People living with disabilities – physical and mental health
  • Racialized people, people of diverse ethnic or cultural origin 
  • People living with a low income
  • People over 55
  • Youth 
  • People who are allies for equity and anti-racism 
  • One Council Member
  • Mayor of Kincardine (ex-officio)

Frequency and Location of Meetings

  • The Committee will meet six (6) times a year in accessible locations. The Committee will establish the meeting schedule. All meetings of the Committee will be open to the public. Agendas and Meeting Summary Notes will be posted to the Municipality of Kincardine’s website.
  • Working groups, will be established to advance the actions in the Strategy and will meet as required.  In order to engage more people in the actions, members for working groups will be also recruited from residents and community organizations. 


  • Members will be appointed for the term of Council and the chair is elected from amongst the members annually.

It is important to note that there will also be other ways besides the Advisory Committee that interested residents and community partners will be involved in the implementation of actions.   

Our approach to this work

  • Diversity is a strength
  • Everyone holds unconscious bias and beliefs
  • Recognition that racism is present in our systems, processes and work 
  • Learn the history and lean into discomfort that comes with the awareness
  • This is a journey and we will listen and adapt as we have new understandings
  • Engage in meaningful, intentional collaboration and partnerships
  • Inject care, compassion and empathy into our approach and actions


June 7, 2021 staff report to Council on establishing an IDEA AC

Terms of Reference for the Inclusion Diversity, Equity and Access Advisory Committee 

For more details and application form, please visit the Committee Recruitment Page.