Building a Fence

A building permit is only required for a fence if it is for a private swimming pool.

Fences on private property do not require a building permit.

If your property is a corner lot, contact the Building Department to confirm you are not building within the sight triangle.


Line fences

Line fences are fences that mark the boundary between properties. They are also called boundary or division fences. Contact the Clerk to apply.

When the Line Fences Act applies

The Line Fences Act applies when there is a disagreement between two neighbours on:

• which owner is responsible for the line fence work; and

• the type of line fence to be built or repaired.

It only applies when:

• no fence exists, and one owner wants a fence constructed to mark the boundary; or

• a line fence already exists, and one owner feels it needs to be reconstructed or repaired.

When the Line Fences Act does not apply

Fence-viewers do not deal with disputes:

• over the location of the property boundary,

• where the fence or proposed fence is not on the boundary line,

• where construction or repair of the fence has commenced or is complete,

• where the adjoining property is a municipal of provincial highway.


Property owners are encouraged to work with their neighbour towards a solution without involving the Fence Views.

If a solution can not be found, you will submit a Form 1 – Request for Fence Viewers to or it can be dropped off at the Municipal Administration Centre at 1475 Concession 5, RR #5 Kincardine, ON N2Z 2X6.

View the Guide to Line Fences Act for further details.


There is a fee for the property owners involved in the dispute. Line fences administration fee is $117.00. The Fence-viewers determine how the fee is divided between the property owners.


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