The Municipality of Kincardine determines future road construction projects by reviewing known problems, location and underground services and comparing to available funding. Council gives final approval during the budget process. Information about current bids and tenders can be found online. View road and sidewalk closures as a result of ongoing construction projects.


MTO Road Construction Hwy 21 Tiverton to Port Elgin 

MTO has awarded contract 2022-3017 for Microsurfacing on Hwy 21 to Duncor Enterprises Inc.

Project Limits – Tiverton (Memorial Park Drive) to Port Elgin (South C.L)

Work to be completed – Microsurfacing (Surface Treatment)

Duration – May 24th, 2022 to June 17th, 2022
Some removal work will start next week May 16th, this may require short lane closures with minimal impact to traffic.
The duration of the contract is weather dependent.

There will be daily single lane closures throughout the contract.
Traffic can expect delays of up to 10 minutes.

Signage will be in place to allow for advance notification. Please visit for daily closure details 

The Ministry has had discussions with Bruce Power to inform them and minimize traffic disruptions at Bruce Road 20. 

 Highway 21 Study - Ministry of Transportation

The Ontario Ministry of Transportation (MTO) has retained Stantec Consulting Ltd. to complete the Detail Design and Class Environmental Assessment (EA) study for the Highway 21 intersection improvements at Kincardine Avenue and Russell Street in Kincardine, Ontario, as shown on the key plan below.

Traffic staging during construction will be confirmed as the study progresses, but lane closures and flagging operations are anticipated.

Construction timing is subject to funding approvals, but the proposed improvements for each intersection are as follows:


Highway 21 and Kincardine Avenue:

  • New traffic signals
  • New illumination
  • Drainage improvements
  • Pavement resurfacing
  • Addition of left turn lane in the eastbound and westbound directions on Kincardine Avenue


Highway 21 and Russell Street:

  • New traffic signals
  • New illumination
  • Drainage improvements
  • Pavement resurfacing
  • Addition of left turn lane in the northbound direction on Highway 21
  • Addition of a future left turn lane in the southbound direction on Highway 21
  • Addition of a future right turn lane in the northbound direction on Highway 21
  • Addition of left turn lane in the eastbound direction on Russell Street
  • Addition of new east leg up to MTO ROW, to accommodate a future development. 


Highway 21 Study Area Map - Ministry of Transportation

 Natural Gas

This spring, we will be coming back to your community to finish connecting customers who signed up for service in 2020. You can expect to see similar construction activity as we locate underground utilities and install service lines on properties so customers can begin using natural gas.

In its pure state, natural gas has no smell, taste or colour, so, at this time, we will also be adding Methyl Mercaptan to the gas to make it smell like rotten eggs or Sulphur.
If you smell sulphur or rotten eggs in the area, we ask that you call EPCOR at 1-888-765-2256. While natural gas leaks are rare, they will respond immediately to any calls about an odour of this nature.

Notices and information sheets from EPCOR can be found below:



Please click on this link Construction Notice for your Area for more information 


For additional information please visit Epcor at

  Huron Terrace Forcemain Replacement-Huron Terrace, Gordon, Queen and Kincardine Ave




Kincardine to Inverhuron Provincial Park (KIPP) Trail

The Municipality of Kincardine is proceeding with a municipal infrastructure project which will see the construction of the Kincardine to Inverhuron Provincial Park (KIPP) Trail from the north edge of the community of Kincardine to Kinhuron Road, along the west side of Bruce Road 23, over a distance of approximately 12 kilometres.

The construction will primarily be limited to the grassed ditch area along the west side of Bruce Road 23 and will include the placement of a 2.0 metre wide paved multi-use trail. The project will typically advance in a northerly direction starting near the south end of the project limits and finishing at the entrance to Kinhuron Road and will be completed during the spring and summer of 2022.

The following is a virtual Open House detailing the work:

View the Public Notice.



 Durham Street Reconstruction and Lambton Street Reconstruction

The Municipality of Kincardine is proceeding with a municipal infrastructure project to replace an existing watermain, sanitary and storms, along with full road reconstruction on Durham Street from McDonald Avenue to Queen Street and on Lambton from Huron Terrance to Saugeen Street. The streets impacted by the planned construction are highlighted on the key map below. This project started in 2021 with the reconstruction of Durham Street from the lake to McDonald Avenue and Saugeen Street from Lambton Street to Durham Street. The west side of HT will be available to residents to park during works on Lambton and Durham.

Public Notice 

Concession 10 Resurfacing

The Municipality will be completing culvert replacements, ditching and resurfacing works from Sideroad 20 to the eastern Boundary. The Municipality has retained EC King and The Murray Group to complete the replacement of one large culvert and for the final grading and paving works. Works will comment late May with municipal forces replacing existing small diameter culverts. During these works detours and road closures will required. Staff anticipate paving to be completed by late September.

Bruce Road 15 Reconstruction

The Municipality and County of Bruce have awarded reconstruction from Albert road westerly to the lake to Omega contractors. Works will commence following the September long weekend. The project will upgrade the existing storm sewer with a new outlet to the lake along with replacing water and sanitary servicing. More details to follow as the project gets closer to the fall. The Municipality and Contractor will be working on traffic control planning to ensure the areas of Lake St and Victoria continue to have access to the community.

Huron Terrace Pump Station

The Municipality has awarded upgrades of the pump station to Finnbilt Contracting. Construction commenced this spring and will continue through until the end of the year. Due to the construction access to the boat launch and docks and use of the park has been closed for the year to ensure public safety is maintained. The project is being completed to increase the stations capacity to manage existing flows and future growth.

KWWTP Lagoon Aeration Upgrades

The Municipality has awarded upgrades to the lagoons aeration system to Finnbilt Contracting. Works are set to commence in early June with the project completion anticipated in the first quarter of 2023. The project will replace the existing aeration system at the site which is intended to improve system operations and reduce issues related to odour.