The Municipality of Kincardine's Open Air Burning By-law regulates burning in the community. There are two categories of burning:

You need a burn permit for all burning in Kincardine. Burn permits are $10 (cash or cheque only) and expire December 31 of the same year they are issued.

Burn permits are available at the:

  • Kincardine Fire Station

         Monday to Friday, 8:30 to 4:30 (except holidays), closed from 12-1,

         127 Mahood Johnston Drive, Kincardine ON, N2Z 3A2

  • Tiverton Fire Station Wednesday, 1:00 to 4:30 (except holidays).

         15 McLaren Street, Tiverton, ON

Open air burns

We allow open air burning during daylight hours only. Open air burning is for burning brush and clean dry wood. Open air burn sites must:

  • Be at least 50 m (160 ft) away from any combustibles (structures, overhead wires, roadways, fences, trees and crops)
  • Be always attended by a capable adult
  • Be extinguished by dusk
  • Have a means to extinguish the fire

Recreational burns

Recreational burns are small campfires for burning wood for recreational purposes. This type of burning is allowed during the day or night. Recreational burn sites must:

  • Be no larger than 1 m (39 in by 39 in) in diameter
  • Be at least 3 m (10 ft) away from any combustibles (fences, trees, overhead wires and buildings)
  • Have a means to extinguish the fire on hand


The Kincardine Fire and Emergency Services will issue a burn ban when there is very dry weather or poor air quality in the community. Burn ban notices will appear on our website and in the local media. The notice will let you know which types of burning are banned. These burn bans are for your safety and we ask that you follow them.


Guidelines for all burning are included on the back of your burn permit. When the Fire and Emergency Services responds to complaints about burning and they find you are not following these rules, you may be charged for the services used to respond to the complaint, including trucks and staff costs. We also have the right to revoke your burn permit, if necessary.

Be a good neighbour and make sure that smoke from your burn is not drifting on to others' property. Your neighbours have a right to complain about your burn if the smoke is causing an issue on their property.