A building permit is required for the construction, addition, renovation, and demolition of any building or structure as per the Ontario Building Code Act.

For electrical permits please contact the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA).

Apply for a permit

To apply for a building permit, we require:

  • Complete Building Permit Application Form
  • Two sets of building drawings
  • New dwellings in residential areas require a site and grading plan by a land surveyor or engineer
  • Accessory structures require a property site plan
  • Some projects may require the approval of other agencies such as but not limited to: Saugeen Valley Conservation Authority, Ministry of Transportation
  • Multi-unit residential, commercial, industrial etc. are subject to site plan control

    Application timeline

    When a complete application is received our staff review and communicate with the applicant as per the Ontario Building Code Act timelines:

    • 10 business days for residential building permit application
    • 15 business days for a small commercial building permit application
    • 30 business days for a large commercial building permit application

    Projects requiring a permit

    Before you start construction of any type, please contact the Building Department.
    Some projects that require a permit include (but are not limited to):

    • Build a new building or structure (greater than 108ft2)
    • Build any addition or make structural changes 
    • Renovations or repairs to existing buildings
    • Build a deck
    • Finish an unfinished basement
    • Add or change size of doors or windows
    • Create a new entrance
    • Wood burning stove or fireplace
    • Plumbing
      • Adding a washroom or altering existing plumbing
    • Septic
    • New insulation
    • Connect to municipal water
    • Demolish a house or building greater than 108 square feet. A form 357 is required after demolition and is to be submitted to the Treasury Department.
    • Change the use of a building
    • Installing a swimming pool

    Projects not requiring a permit

    Some projects that do not require a permit include:
    - replacing existing doors and windows (same size)

    • Install siding on small residential buildings
    • Roofless deck that has an area of less than 108 ft2and the maximum height off the ground is under 0.61 m (2 ft)
    • Accessory building that square footage is less than 108 ft2 (i.e. garden shed)
      • Must be in a side or rear yard; minimum setback 1m from property lines
    • Re-shingle roof
    • Dry-wall or plaster
    • Paint or decorate
    • Install kitchen or bathroom cupboards
    • Install fence on your own property (call the Building Department if you are on a corner lot)


Permit Fees

Permit Fees

All fees are payable to The Municipality of Kincardine, upon issuance of the building permit.

Sign permit

A sign permit is required for signs in the municipality as per our sign by-law.

Contact buildings@kincardine.ca for a sign permit application.

Tent permit

Check out our tent permit requirements.

A building permit is required for tents or groups of tents that are:

  • greater than 60 m2 (646 ft2)
  • Assembled less than 3 m (9'-10”) from other building or structure (tent)
  • Tents greater than 225 m2 (2421 ft2) also require engineered drawings and a Commitment for General Review signed and submitted with the permit application

Demountable Stages & Demountable Support Structure Permits

Check out our Demountable Stages & Demountable Support Structures requirements