You must have a valid municipal taxi driver's licence to operate a taxi, limousine or other car for hire in Kincardine. Each vehicle requires a separate licence. You may not transfer a licence.

You must meet all conditions in the Taxi Licence By-law.

The Kincardine Police Services Board meets to consider issuing a licence when your application is complete.


Your taxi driver's, brokers or owner/operator licence application must include:

  • Signed application
  • A photo taken by municipal staff
  • Current police records check and vulnerable sector check
  • Current statement of driving record from the Ministry of Transportation
  • Photocopy of your Ontario Driver's Licence (with current address)
  • Licence fees

     Taxi Licensing, Per each 2 year licensing period or part thereof  
    a. Owner/Driver (including one vehicle & one driver Licence) $122.00
    b. Taxi broker $77.00
    c. For each additional taxi cab owned by the same owner/driver $46.00
    d. For each driver who is not an owner $40.00
    e. For the renewal of a driver’s Licence (if previously suspended) $17.00
    f. For a replacement of a lost Licence $17.00

Your Vehicle Licence application must include:

  • Signed application
  • Safety Standards Certificate completed within the last three months
  • Vehicle ownership
  • Proof of insurance
  • Taxi Meter Calibration Certificate
  • Licence fees

Your licence is valid until the expiry date on your card.

Please allow up to 90 days for your checks from the Ontario Provincial Police.