You must have a licence to operate a refreshment vehicle. Refreshment vehicles include food trucks, ice-cream carts, hotdog carts and food trailers. They may be mobile or stay in one spot.


You apply each year for a licence that is valid until December 31. Your application must include:

  • the required licensing fee of $406;
  • a copy of the motor vehicle registration;
  • picture of the vehicle;
  • a Food Premises Inspection Report from a local board of health;
  • an inspection by a fire department;
  • a copy of the Mobile Food Service Equipment Annual Inspection Certificate from the Technical Standards and Safety Equipment (TSSA);
  • proof of insurance;
  • a signed application;
  • other documents as necessary.

You must follow the Municipality of Kincardine Refreshment Vehicle By-law.

Special events

Municipality of Kincardine refreshment vehicle licence holder

You must receive written permission from special event organizers to sell within their event.

Non-licence holders

You must submit a Refreshment Vehicle Special Event Application to the special event organizer. You do not need a Municipality of Kincardine Refreshment Vehicle licence.