Agriculture plays a major role in the Municipality of Kincardine from an economic perspective, a cultural perspective and a community perspective. The Vision for agriculture in the Municipality of Kincardine is to be both diverse in the many types of agricultural activities found in the Municipality of Kincardine while being strong economically and in character. While promoting the "family farm" culture, both intensive and small-scale operations, the agricultural community in the Municipality of Kincardine remains pro-active in adopting appropriate advances in agricultural methods, practices and technology, providing they are environmentally sound. The agricultural community in the Municipality of Kincardine enjoys and promotes a positive and mutually beneficial relationship with the rural (non-farm) and urban residents of both the Municipality of Kincardine and the County of Bruce as a whole.


Kincardine is the host municipality of Bruce Power. Bruce Power is Canada's first private nuclear generator, providing 30% of Ontario's power. Their eight units provide over 4,000 full-time, direct jobs to highly skilled employees, and thousands more indirectly. They inject billions of dollars into Ontario's economy annually, while producing safe energy that produces zero carbon emissions. In 2020 Bruce Power will be starting the Major Component Replacement which will hire more than 20 000 people to complete the project. Visit Bruce Power for more information.


You have found Ontario's Scottish destination. Idyllic surroundings, captivating lifestyle, festive events, live theatre, and much more, have all amused and beguiled residents and visitors of Kincardine for generations. Whether a casual stroll on our beach and scenic boardwalk, an enchanting evening of fine dining in one of our many restaurants, or a relaxed, care free stay in one of our quaint Bed & Breakfasts or motels, the Municipality of Kincardine is a place of endless opportunity.