The Municipality is experiencing a period of rapid growth and must develop plans to allow the community to attract new businesses, support the growth of existing businesses, while also expanding infrastructure, tourism, and cultural programming.  The Economic Development Strategy supports strategic growth in the community, while delivering appropriate and effective services to residents, visitors and businesses. 

The Economic Development Strategy 2020-2025 was approved by Council on March 2, 2020 and includes 6 strategic objectives:

  • solidify the community's presence in the sector and become the leading nuclear sciences community in Canada;
  • improve investment readiness;
  • increase tourism marketing and product development;
  • support business expansion and retention with focus on small business;
  • develop housing and supports for residents, population growth, and community development;
  • support agriculture, agri-business and value-added with a focus on local food production. 

To see the full Strategy, please click the link below.

Economic Development Strategy 2020-2025


Progress Reports

EDSP- Progress Update May 2021

EDSP- Progress Update September 2021