Free Public Parking

We have increased the number of free public parking lots and added vehicular and pedestrian signage throughout the downtown core to help residents and visitors navigate during construction. 

The Municipality has secured a temporary public parking lot at the former Pierson Motors property.

Harbour Street direction change - vehicles now travel east along the one-way street and exit through the public parking lot. 
Temporary All-Way Stops were installed at the intersections of:
🛑 Broadway Street and Huron Terrace
🛑 Harbour Street and Huron Terrace
This will aid with traffic on the detour routes during the Downtown Dig Kincardine Project.

The current detour routes are marked in yellow on the map below.

Map of Downtown Kincardine highlighting the area which will be affected by construction, parking, and detours.

Downtown Dig Kincardine parking sign example that says "We're Open!" and

Look for Blinky

Our beloved Lakeside Downtown Kincardine BIA mascot has got his safety gear on and is ready for the Downtown Dig.

The signage will direct you to parking lots and guide you through the Downtown Dig.

Blinky will also be making appearances throughout the summer, both downtown and at events, so be sure to say hello!

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Contact Information

We would like to thank all property owners, businesses, and residents for their ongoing co-operation with this work. For inquiries, please contact:

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Municipality of Kincardine

Adam Weishar, CET

Director of Infrastructure & Development

519-396-3468 ext. 7119

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Municipality of Kincardine

Cherie Leslie

Community & Economic Development Coordinator

519-396-3468 ext. 7151