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We're investing in downtown Kincardine's core infrastructure. The Downtown Dig is a $7+ million project that's critical to the future of our downtown.

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Open for Business

During construction, all businesses are open. We'll need your help spreading this message with your customers and clients!

We are working with the contractor to ensure customers can access stores and properties through their front doors. There may be occasional days when entrance through front doors is not possible (like when pouring new concrete sidewalks), but we will work together to keep disruptions to a minimum.

Printable Map

Download a copy of our Downtown Dig map to print and share with your clients. It's a great way to help them easily navigate Downtown while work is being done.

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Special Events

Municipal staff are working with special event organizers to ensure that our beloved community events will still happen in 2023 - they might just look a little different. A calendar with a list of special events and locations can be found here.

Construction Details

Phase 1 of construction began in late March 2023. Construction fencing was installed along sidewalks/pathways for pedestrian safety. The Phase 1 area is closed to vehicular traffic.  

Lavis Contracting Co. Ltd. is using an open trench excavation method throughout this project.

Accessing Businesses & Properties

Contractors will need access to the interior of buildings during the Downtown Dig. This is required to replace the old services and run new lines that will connect to existing interior water and sewer lines inside the building.  

Water, Sewer and Utility Disruptions

There will be some water, sewer and utility disruptions with this project, but we are working with the contractor to keep this to a minimal. Notice to businesses and residents will be provided in advance, whenever possible, for scheduled disruptions to service. These are some of the disruptions we anticipate:

  • Water supply – Temporary water services are planned for Queen Street. There will be disruptions to the water system while the temporary connections and permanent connections are being made.
  • Sanitary services – to be disrupted while connections are being made to the new sewer.
  • Storm sewers – no planned disruptions.
  • Hydro – no planned disruptions.
  • Cable – no planned disruptions.
  • Communications – no planned disruptions.

If you are a property owner within the project limits and wish to have additional water and sewer servicing installed to your building for possible future developments, please contact municipal staff. This information needs to be confirmed prior to construction.

Exterior and Façade Improvements

Some building entrance steps and ramps in the downtown core may be modified to better match new sidewalk elevations. Access to entrances may be interrupted for concrete removal and installation.

Repairs may also be required along some façades, such as brick and mortar repairs, the closing of old window wells and coal chutes, or the modification/replacement of existing signage.

Driveways and alleyways may also need adjustment to match new sidewalk elevations and restoration will be done with materials similar to what is existing.

Only costs associated with sidewalk reconstruction and remediation following its completion will be paid for by the Municipality as part of the Downtown Dig project. Private upgrades will be at the expense of the property owner.

If you are planning additional exterior building renovations along Queen Street during the reconstruction, please contact municipal staff.

Garbage and Recycling Collection

Garbage and recycling bins should be put out on regular scheduled pickup dates in their regular pick-up locations. The Contractor will ensure that they get collected and returned.

Please write your name/business and address on the outside of all bins so they can be returned correctly.

If your building has garbage or recycling in the rear of the building, please let the contractor know what your waste disposal company's schedule is for emptying them.


We will work with businesses to ensure deliveries are accommodated. If possible, we are asking businesses to arrange deliveries to the rear of buildings. IF this is not possible, please advise Lavis Contracting staff in advance that you are anticipating a delivery as their staff will attempt to assist if possible. 


Delivery Vehicles are no longer permitted in the construction zone due to insurance and liability issues.

Parking for Employees and Customers

No on-street parking is permitted in the 'project phase' that's under construction.

Additional signage has been installed to direct motorists to nearby free public parking lots and on-street parking. The Municipality has also secured a temporary lease to add additional public parking at the former Pierson Motors property.

Parking is at a premium during construction, and we want to ensure that customers and visitors have access to parking spaces that will make their experience a positive one. To help with this, we're asking all downtown business owners and employees to consider:

  • parking on side streets and lots outside the downtown core
  • walking or biking to work

We are working on securing additional public parking and designated business employee parking spaces for the Downtown Dig.


The existing trees along Queen Street have been removed in the project area. These will be replaced with the same number of trees as part of the new streetscaping design. The new trees will be placed in planters so they are easier to replace and relocate, if needed.

 Preparing for Construction

Services will be installed through the foundation walls (where possible) and connected to existing plumbing once inside the building. Locations for existing service connections were identified during pre-engineering work.


We do request that building owners and/or tenants:

  • remove or relocate any items stored against the foundation walls in basements
  • remove/relocate any planting beds, planters, benches, patio furniture, signs, fencing, etc. from the sidewalk areas
 Pre-Construction Building Survey
OZA Inspections Limited has been retained to record the existing interior and exterior condition of buildings prior to construction beginning.  A letter with more details was sent to owners/tenants prior to construction beginning to arrange a time for inspection. This survey is not required; however, it is strongly recommended in the unlikely event that the building is damaged during construction.

Improving Accessibility

One opportunity with the reconstruction project is the ability to make our downtown more accessible for all. The new street design will meet the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act. As one example, through the pre-design work, B.M. Ross looked at existing door elevations and designed a new street grade to reduce stairs and make as many businesses accessible as possible.

Helping You Do Business During the Downtown Dig

We're here to help support your business through the Downtown Dig and beyond. Here's some initiatives worth considering and make sure you're subscribed to our Downtown Dig e-newsletter for updates or reach out to Cherie for more information.

Spruce the Bruce

If things are already under construction around you, consider building renovations and improvements to happen at the same time. Spruce the Bruce funding opportunities are ideal for a downtown business looking to make building improvements, façade enhancements, or signage installations.

Grant applications for 2023 are now open with more information available on the Spruce the Bruce webpage.

If you're planning an exterior renovation during the Downtown Dig, contact Cherie.

Lakeside Downtown Kincardine BIA

Lakeside Downtown Kincardine BIA will be running several joint business promotions and events during the Downtown Dig. For more information, visit their website, or get in touch with Amanda, the Downtown Development Manager.

Come to our Alternate Entrance

Some businesses are looking to use alternate entrances to their stores/offices. This may be a back or side door not usually open to the public. Municipal staff will be working with these businesses to on pedestrian wayfinding signage.

Love Our Downtown

We know that construction isn't pleasant, but we need to get that aging infrastructure replaced. We encourage all businesses and their employees to have a positive attitude during this time.

You are ambassadors of this beautiful community and your attitude, positive or negative, has a tremendous impact on the experience of residents and visitors.

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Questions or Comments?

If you have a question about this project, we're only an e-mail or phone call away!

For businesses and residents within the construction area who have questions specific to working (including upcoming shipments and business deliveries), living, accessing your residence, or the downtown core, please connect with the Lavis Contracting Co. Ltd. representative listed below.

You can also submit your question or comment online by clicking the button below:

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General Construction

Corey Voisin
Manager of Operations
Municipality of Kincardine
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Water, Sewer, and Stormwater

Mark O'Leary
Manager of Environmental Services
Municipality of Kincardine
519-396-3468 ext. 7203

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Business Support

Cherie Leslie
Community & Economic Development Coordinator
Municipality of Kincardine
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Amanda Goetz
Downtown Development Manager
Lakeside Downtown Kincardine BIA