Local grants and incentives are available for non-profit organizations, registered charities or new or expanding businesses.

 Community Investment Grants
These annual Municipal Grants are available to local non-profit groups.  You can learn more about how to apply.
Kincardine Community Fund 
This endowed fund provides annual grants to qualified local non-profit groups.  You can learn more about the Kincardine Community Fund.  
 County of Bruce Grants and Incentives
The County of Bruce offers Business Grant and Incentive Programs.  You can learn more about the Business to Bruce and Spruce the Bruce initiatives.
Non-Profit Room Booking

 Your non-profit organization may be eligible to use a municipal meeting room at a fee of $0.  The following meeting rooms are available under this policy:

Please review Policy GG.1.14 to determine your eligibility.  You will need to complete the non-profit room booking form for consideration.

For more information about developing your local business please contact the Community Development Officer.