Line Painting for Bike Lanes - September 7th, 2022

Posted On Tuesday September 06, 2022

Please note that the Municipality of Kincardine's contractor will be line painting Wednesday September 7th, 2022 as part of the Master Cycling Plan project.

Drivers should obey all signage and warning signs to keep their vehicles clean and clear of all roadway paint. The Municipality assumes no responsibility for paint damage claims from motorists who cross wet paint lines.

Line Painting Locations:

  • Queen Street - Durham Market South to Bruce Avenue
  • Penetangore Row - Saratoga to St. Albert
  • Huron Terrace – St. Albert to Broadway Street
  • Bruce Avenue - Park Street to Princes Street
  • Kincardine Avenue - Princes Street to Queen Street

When does line painting occur?

Line painting is done in the mid-morning hours when weather and conditions are appropriate.

Why don’t line painters just paint at night?

The difficulty with painting at night arises when the temperature between the air and the road surface change at different rates. Condensation can occur on the roadway, making for poor conditions for paint to adhere to the roadway.

How long does it take for line paint to dry?

Dependent upon conditions, line paint can remain wet for up to 15 minutes.

Paint operations are causing traffic backups, can we pass the warning trucks?

The intent of the warning trucks behind the line painter is to provide enough space in between to allow for paint to dry.?If you cross the centerline to pass line painting operations, chances are that your vehicle will end up with paint on it.?Please be patient and follow the direction of the notification signage.

If I cannot remove paint from my vehicle, is the Municipality responsible?

The Municipality assumes no liability for paint damages to vehicles that have crossed wet paint lines or disobeyed the warning signs and warning vehicles.