EPS Recycling Service Pilot Project

Posted On Wednesday November 25, 2020

Effective December 1st, the Municipality of Kincardine has partnered with Second Wind Recycling, for the EPS recycling service pilot project. Second Wind Recycling provides the Municipality with a densifying and removal service of all post-consumer EPS packaging delivered to the recycling depot, and ensures it is recycled by a registered recycler.

Commonly referred to as Styrofoam, EPS is largely used in packaging and food service products. The petroleum based material is composed of 95% air and is not biodegradable. Due to its fragility and low weight, it is a common pollutant in the natural environment. EPS has become even more prevalent with the growth of e-commerce and bulk shipping.

Accepted materials must be clean and dry. As well, all tape, plastic, stickers, cardboard and other contaminants attached to the foam must be removed and placed in a clear plastic bag and dropped off at the Armow landfill, 437 Sideroad 15.

White, rigid, expanded EPS packaging will be accepted. This packaging is commonly from:
• Computers
• Electronics
• Appliances

EPS materials that are not accepted include:

• Take-out food containers
• Meat trays
• Coffee cups
• Disposable dishware
• Packing peanuts/popcorn
• Construction insulation, blue and pink
• Polyethylene and Polypropylene packaging
• Foam bags & wrapping
• Hot tub cover inserts
• Pool noodles