Council Meeting Update- January 17, 2022

Posted On Tuesday January 18, 2022


 The following is a summary of major discussion items presented at Council and Committee of the Whole meeting on January 17, 2022. Please refer to the website for the complete and official records of the meeting including consent agenda items, communications, detailed reports and attachments. 

Committee of the Whole



Refreshment Vehicle - Zoning By-law update 

The Municipality’s Comprehensive Zoning By-law and the Refreshment Vehicle By-law are not consistent with each other. The Zoning By-law restricts where a Refreshment Vehicle may operate in Commercial Zones. It does not permit location in an industrial zone. Although a Zoning By-law review is taking place, it is not expected to be completed prior to the 2022 Refreshment Vehicle operating season. Staff are recommending a Zoning By-law amendment application be submitted as a housekeeping item to permit Portable Food Outlets in accordance with the Municipality’s Refreshment Vehicle By-law. 

Council directed Staff to submit a zoning by-law amendment application as a housekeeping item to permit Portable Food Outlets in accordance with the Municipality’s Refreshment Vehicle By-law. 

Lakeside Radio Broadcasting Corp. (2022) Water Tower Agreement By-law 

Lakeshore Radio Broadcasting Corp. (2022) Water Tower Agreement By-law" was passed. 

Committee of the Whole 

Trails Committee 

A presentation by Brad Kirkconnell, Chair of Kincardine Trails, was made to update Council on the Trails Committee progress for 2021. 



Infrastructure and Development 

Wood Access Saugeen Street - Surplus Land, -2022-03 

Council previously directed staff to work towards resolving the access along Saugeen Street with the Owner of 928 Saugeen Street, Kincardine (Lot 37) in light of the threat of litigation. A settlement was reached as between the parties which avoids costly litigation for the Municipality. The land in question is a small strip to accommodate access from 928 Saugeen Street (Lot 37) to Saugeen Street. Declaring the land surplus and conveying it to the Owner of 928 Saugeen Street (Lot 37) is a condition of the settlement as between the parties. Council instructed staff to complete the transaction. 

Road Establishment Birchwood Avenue (Part 1 3R-10536), Development Services-2022-02 

On September 8th, 2021 Council passed Motion #09/08/20 COW - 02 directing staff to proceed with registration and deposition of the reference plan (2-GZ-2289 Block B) with conversion of Part 1 to road allowance to enable staff to permit an entrance permit and revise the 911 number for Lot 43. A road establishment by-law is required to established the land legally known as Block B Plan 828 Part 1 of Reference Plan 3R-10536; Kincardine as part of the municipal road network. 

This will be decided at the January 24, 2022 Council meeting. 

Other areas of responsibility 

Rogers Telecommunications Tower – 507 Broadway Street Kincardine, Legislative Services-2022-02 

This is a FYI report. 

Rogers Communications is proposing to install a cell tower at 507 Broadway Street in Kincardine. Rogers is required to lead the consultation process and is informing the Municipality of its requirements. Rogers is currently consulting on a location for a new 25m height Slimline Monopole Tower enclosed in a 4m x 4m fenced compound of the 6m x 6m exclusive leasehold at 507 Broadway Street. 

The Municipality’s role is as a commenting body only to ISED and the Proponent. The Municipality has no jurisdiction in “approving” or “not-approving” the Site; that role is ISED’s. If Council wishes to provide comments on the proposal, they may do so before the end of the notification process which is 5 p.m. on Wednesday, February 9th, 2022. 

Any public comments should be directed to Rogers to address. 


CAO Recruitment Process, Human Resources-2022-01 

Council provided direction to proceed with a Request for Proposal (RFP) for Recruitment Services for the Chief Administrative Officer position. Council established a CAO Recruitment Team consisting of: Mayor Gerry Glover, Councillor Maureen Couture, Councillor Dave Cuyler, Councillor Bill Stewart and Leanne Gowing, HR Manager as the staff resource. The CAO Recruitment Team will work closely with the Consultant to identify a candidate profile to provide parameters for the recruitment and then will participate in the process to select candidates, participate in interviews, establish compensation, and select a final candidate for Council consideration. 

The RFP generated interest from seven (7) Recruitment Firms by the deadline of December 10, 2021. All proposals were evaluated by the Recruitment Team based on the assessment of relevant experience in the municipal sector, proposed methodology, timelines, references, and fees. Feldman Daxon Partners Inc. were selected to provide the Recruitment services. The search for a new Chief Administrative Officer will commence immediately and is expected to take at least 12 Weeks.